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It is important to present yourself and you should wear the right clothes to make the best impression on the judge. Wearing in the ring - EquestrianCoach.com Blog I' ve got a query about show clothes. Which is the right equestrian participation for all three ring (hunter, knight and equitation)? I' m a tradtionalist for the Jägerring.

That department comes from the hunting ground. Classical clothing is eternal. This means conservatively dyed hunting jackets, pants, beautifully shiny shoes, black spores, black mittens and unembellished hats are a must.

The Navy and Jägergrün (which are very fashionable at the moment) are always in fashion. The hairs that are properly packed in hair nets stowed under the helmet are important for the overall impression of classical and tradional clothing. On the horse ring the clothes should be similar to the hunting ring, although I preferred to wear a dark coat in a medal or important riding class.

I' m firmly convinced that you should be wearing black glove and matching spores. As riders are evaluated in equestrian sports, the importance of polish shoes and well-fitting hunting jackets is even greater! Horse jackets are as drastic as hunting gowns when a horseman wears them.

It has to be said that I will never get used to the fly tails, despite the renowned top athletes in this game. When it comes to the clothing of the Hunter Breeding Division, I think it's back to the top of the tradition.

I like to see a pair of brown trousers, a beautiful jacket with a well-cut jacket, a pair of booties and a head. All noisy or shameless clothes only affect the appearance of the horses. Let us remind ourselves that this should be a horsehair show and not a polyople show, as long as the clothes adorn and adorn the horses, it is a good thing!

Conservativ is the watchword in every department, but especially among hunters and riders. The only thing that is right, I believe, are stylish, well-fitting black ridingbirts. I' m not fond of the newer, brighter coats. Surely I don't like decorations on the rider's clothing (this include coat, cap, spurs, trousers etc.).

It is important that we all recall that this is a traditional game and that we should follow this one. It is our duty to pay tribute to our pets and to sports to wear clean, conservative and tasteful clothing. The right showwear for the training arena comprises either bright or bright jodhpurs, contrasting shorts, bright or bright ties, bright or bright mittens and a matching hat.

You will need a shroud from the workout stage to the fourth stage, while wearing the coveted tailcoat at the transition to the FEI stages. Spores are also obligatory in FEI stages. Since 1984 Julie Winkel is a licenced Hunter, Equitation, Hunter Breeding and Jumper Richter.

During her tenure, she has created the course and evaluated the ASPCA Maclay Finals, the USEF Medal Finals and the New England Equitation Finals.

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