Equus Horse Feed

Equus horse feed

It is a beet pulp-based feed with high calorie, fat and fibre content and low non-structural carbohydrate content (contains neither corn, barley nor oats). You can' t know and love your horse the way you do. However, we know that high-quality, advanced feed ensures happier and healthier horses. So I bought the Fiber Max Omega grocer said she couldn't keep the senior in stock. I' ve been feeding Equus for a few years now.

equinus feeding system for the horse

For every phase of your child's lives the right diet. For every phase of your lives the right diet. It is a feed on the basis of turnip chips with a high calorie, fatty and fibre content and a low content of non-structural carbon hydrates (contains neither maize, barsley nor oats). Enhances digestion and reduces digestion difficulties such as posterior intestinal disease in the horse's intestine.

High-fibre, high-fat components enhance calorie consumption without boosting the amount of corn flour. As a result, irritability is reduced and a much colder horse becomes more aware of. It increases all naturally occurring vitamine ions more efficiently than synthetically produced vitamine ions, enabling the horse to recuperate more quickly from pain after intense training.

Can be used for insuline resistant and Cushing' diseased or tending to tie up. Because of the low starches of this food, it reduces the risks of being resistant to insulation by decreasing the large variations in levels of sugar in the blood that would be seen with high feed. The Equus 5 is a 14% diet of proteins specifically tailored to the needs of older ponies.

Besides the higher demand for mineral, vitamin and protein, the older horse can show a considerable reduction in tooth functions. Equus 5 is conceived as a pelletized, texturized food containing high-quality fibres that can readily be masticated and swallowed by older stallions. Using soybean shells in Equus 5 as fibre is also an alternate, secure power resource that improves the older horse's horse's overall health.

Whereas the supply of vital substances is the most crucial nutrition for a horse that works with high levels of activity, all of them are important for a horse under heavy strain. The Equus Racing horse's nutritional needs are addressed in a way that ensures that all demands on calories, proteins, mineral substances and vital substances are fulfilled when feeding with good forage.

Equus Race is not only fully enriched with essential mineral and vitamin supplements, resulting in lower owner cost and a more precise supply of these nutritional elements, but also provides a balance of nutrient uptake. The Equus Race contains high-fat, easily dissolvable dietary fibres in the shape of turnip shreds and starches from grain.

The equilibrium of calorie requirements allows the horse to digest and use his/her body's energies optimally. Equus' oat-based diet combines the highest grade porridge, bars and crushed sweet maize with the highest grade of protein, vitamin and mineral to help your horse satisfy its rigorous requirements.

The Equus uses bioavailable flavoured mineral chelates, protein-containing microelements for enhanced uptake. Plant-derived oil and stabilized rice bran are used as extra fatty acids to help cut the need for carbohydrate as the only fuel, metabolise carbohydrate in a different way, provide a more controllable fuel and can help avoid "heated" ponies.

Breast culture is available in all our formulas to enhance the fibres' metabolism and decrease the occurrence of stresses in working horse. The Equus diet contains substances to prevent and minimise the effect of toxins of mycotoxins, which can come from cereals, pastures or animal feed. Qualitatively high-quality contents materials costs more, however the rise of the available Energie, which results from an elevated Fettgehalt and digestible ballast materials, can lead to a decrease of the feed quantity.

As Equus Nourrition prices are today competitively priced compared to other equine feeds on the open markets, a lower-priced feed can actually be more expensive. The Equus Nourrition System's power densities can result in great year after year saving if you select this nutritional programme for your horse.

The Kentucky equine research (KER) is a world-renowned horse feeding and consulting group. The KER works with feed producers around the globe to create horse feed and food additives suitable for the regions in which they are to be used. Associated Feed merged with KER in 2003 to bring the best in feed formulations and production to horse breeders.

Associated's flawless production standard and individual attention coupled with KER's state-of-the-art feeding capabilities give Associated Feed's clients the most progressive horse feed available on the market. Select Associated Feed and join the myriad of horse lovers who have found enhancements in their horse's overall good looks, general horse wellbeing, horse performances and horse mating.

The MicroSteed Ration Wizard from Kentucky Equine Research will help you find the right food for your horse!

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