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pcb-file="mw-headline" id="Mission">Mission[edit> The Equus is a magazine for equine breeders, first released in November 1977. Ami Shinitzky, the founder of the magazine and publishing house, formulates the magazine's intention in a brief and concise manner: Shinitzky in the first edition's lead article wrote: "EQUUS acts as a link between the vet and the equine holder, providing our reader with the expert knowledge of the country's premier veterinary services for the pet's caring and servicing through the talent of authors who are often able to transform technological information into a readily understandable and readily assimilable language".

Equus is to be gathered from readers with the tagline "The Horse Owner's Resource" so that they can use previous editions of Equus as a source of inspiration. Every edition has a high-profile number on the envelope (e.g. the June 2005 edition is "Equus 332"), and an index of papers is released each year.

The EQUUS provides information from vets, horse scientists, horsemen and coaches about the comprehension and influence of the behaviour of horses, the recognition of the symptoms of diseases and diseases and the solution of equestrian and exercise difficulties.

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The EQUUS website is designed to help its users to take good charge of their own thoroughbred stables and to enjoy their possessions to the full. EQUUS focuses on preventive healthcare for equines, but also on equestrian behaviour, stable managment and exercise methods as well as current or moving subjects. It is a champion of the equestrian in personal attention, but also in the wider contexts of the policy and societal questions that concern them.

As an expression ofEQUUS' dedication to provide equine breeders with precise and up-to-date information, the magazine maintains a long relationship with the American Association of Equine Practitioners.


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