Eventing Saddle

all-purpose saddle

With SmartPak, it's easy to buy saddles online with our Test Ride program. Versatility saddles or off-road saddles, as they are sometimes called, are an English saddle, similar to close contact saddles. Versatility saddles with a lower seat and a long flap with a forward monoflap for jumping or cross-country phases of versatility. Designed to give you a competitive edge, this saddle is the ultimate versatility saddle. The FREE matching prestige leather available with this saddle.

All-purpose saddles

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all-purpose saddle

Beautiful black Prestige Monoflap Event Saddle. In very good state. A few fades on the seats and a few scrapes and abrasion (see photos), but otherwise perfectly made. The clubs are in outstanding shape. CWD SE02 Caliper type SE02 Caliper type SE02 Caliper type SE02 Caliper type SE02 Caliper type SE02 Caliper type SE02 Caliper type SE02 Caliper type SE02 Caliper type SE02 Caliper type SE02 Caliper type SE02 Caliper type SE02 Caliper type SE02 Caliper type SE02 Caliper type SE02 Caliper type CWD Caliper type SE02 Caliper type SE02 Caliper type 17.5. Unfortunately out of the bangs and this is an awesome saddle that waits for its next horseman!

Sattelinfo:...... 17 " used middle width Ainsley Pro-National Race saddle, I have had this saddle for years and always like to ride it, but unfortunately it doesn't match my saddle anymore. 17.5 Prestigious saddle, M-tree, Velcro wheels, used, but convenient and without cracks, as shown in the photos.

Trees can be adjusted according to your needs. 18" MW Monoflap cross-country saddle. Albumion K2 jumping saddle 17.5" MW dark bay treed Large thick legs and knees Middle low seats Sit and knee/thigh castors made of non-slip genuine leathers Only driven 20-30 time. Marcel Toulouse Marielle Plus 4 with the Genesis boom was developed after the very famous Marielle Monoflap Jump, but with another forward key and the added Genesis setting.....

Perfect state. Size 18"-MW Trees fit warmbloods or thoroughbred (throat exchangeable other available sizes)-medium femur and approx..... They will not find this saddle in such a new state as it was used for such theft. Liberté combines the advantages of Xtreem monoflap, blocking and legrest positions, but is based on Barnsby's Wooden design.....

Spacious 17" spacious mw jumping saddle. Bellagio is made on a very similar treed like a continent saddle. Havana Used Stubben Edelweiss NT Deluxe Saddle. Large boom (32cm) 17.5 seated, 30cm footrest, 6 inches throat. Well thought-out and thrilling eventing Saddles are an excellent complement to enhance your outdoors fun.

Outdoors athletes appreciate the look and feel of these versatile saddles. What's more, they also appreciate the fact that they are designed and built to a high standard. Now you can see new or underused versatility calipers and benefit from greater cost-saving.

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