Everest Horse Rugs

Everest Horse Rugs

chip> product sheet Maximal purchase: I have been using this carpet for several seasons, was very stable and kept my horse hot on very chilly mornings. Awesome carpet, I have an older one that has proven itself very well. Resolved that the 30-year-old bangs need a new carpet this year.

Spanish>Online orders Terms of delivery

Deliver your gifts to your home or office in Australia or, if you buy a present, to your friend's home within Australia in a safe and reliable manner. Every order needs a unique point of distribution. One of our partners will deliver your order, either Australia Post or Toll according to the article you bought.

Deliveries take 5 working day in metro areas, 8 working day in regional areas and up to 10 day in rural areas. There is a shipping charge of $10.95 for orders under $150 from Australia. Present card registration charge is $5.95. It is not possible to deliver on-line to foreign or RMBs.

Please keep your trackingnumber and get in touch with AusPost. You can find further information about registered mail on the AusPost website. As soon as your order is dispatched, you will be sent an e-mail with information on how to track your order to your home. When you are not at home to get your order, it will be sent to your home in accordance with the shipping directions you state.

If you are unable to take your order, you are responsible for your purchases remaining at your shipping location. There are certain cases where the deliverer may consider certain areas unfit for secure unloading. Drivers will use their judgment if they believe that the item is more secure at the next mail or deposit.

When you place an order, you will be given orders follow-ups.

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