Ex Racehorses for Rehoming

Former racehorses for rehabilitation

In this section you will learn about the variety of ways you can get a racehorse out of training and a retrained former racehorse. The New Beginnings is a safe and secure environment where former racehorses can adapt and be retrained for their second career after the race. After leaving the race we rehabilitate, train and rehabilitate racehorses and support and advise their new owners. Away from the tracks to help ex racehorses and thoroughbreds off the tracks and into the homes of their new owners. The Lonestar insert for placing Ex-Racers (LOPE).

Below are some of the ways you can help us help them.

More than 4000 stallions are leaving the sport every year, but unfortunately many of them have an unknown fortune. In 1996, when the big "Moorcroft Boy" was given to Graham when he made the choice, Sue founded "The Moorcroft Racehorse Welfare Centre". The company quickly expanded and under her leadership over the next ten years over 100 successful horse homes were rebuilt and a unique record was established.

GOOLPHIN Rehabilitation Program

During training, a whole blood can be the ideal support for a professional horsewalker. It is our top priorities to ensure the well-being of our stallions, and we want them to be able to successfully complete other tasks after completing their racecareer.

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PARA COMMISSION STATEMENT: PARR's missions are to take charge of caring for racehorses or skilled purebreds and other needy people. Our offer to prospective users is a singular way to select the best supporting equine partner for your objectives, on the basis of our extensive evaluation and equine rehab programme.

From time to time ARR also accept other races and offer a lifelong refuge to a small number of selected Eurasiers. Every saddle included in our programme will never be without shelter, see our About us page for more detail. Equestrian sports that have been adopted or connected through the Paris Programme! Adopting noorses ( or other animals) for use in any kind of breed, such as stud males, colts, halter males, nurses, etc., we do not accept them.

It is our aim to find these young and old horse as domestic animal, companion, sportsman and show horse. Although we respectfully follow some serious breed programmes, we cannot endorse or encourages them and maintain our constitution and our missions to influence the horse world and all other livestock. They must enter into an adoptive arrangement and must fully appreciate that they are not an adoptive breed for our adopted Parkinson'sorses.

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