Ex Racehorses for Sale

Former racehorses for sale

For retired thoroughbred racehorses CANTER offers the chance of a new career. Turn your next horse into an ex-racing horse! The THOROUGHBRED MAKEOVER COMPETITION of the retired racehorse, offers money and prizes for the best placed horses in ten disciplines! We' re horse training specialists for ex-racing horses. This year' s makeover offers at least half of the thoroughbreds for sale.

For retired thoroughbreds of racing horses ANTER offers the chance of a new career.

For retired thoroughbreds of racing horses ANTER offers the chance of a new career. Have a look at the list of Ex thoroughbreds for sale or sponsorship. INTERNATIONAL ASSOCIATES international associates (or regional offices) operate throughout the entire national territory and offer a range of support to help full-blooded racehorses make the move to a new career. INTERNATIONAL is a 100% voluntary organisation that works without a single stall or full-time veterinarian team.

Our missions and the love for the full-blooded horse have brought us together through our programmes. INTERNATIONAL is a 501(c)(3) non-profit association that offers new careers to retired thoroughbreds.

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You can use our extended searching option to find your ideal stallion or look through our offers in a specific group. It was Trippin Star A. K. Star with Andrea and... Are you looking for the right one? It is an adopted blood like no other. Acquiring a whole blood gives you a stable with the best qualities of a stable animal.

There is little comparable to the pleasure of learning new things to your whole blood. When you are part of a rescuing or re-training organisation that offers OTTB's for adoptions, we are there for you. Present your ex-breed racehorses on our website - simply and free of charge for non-profit organisations. Let your horses be seen by tens of thousand of potential users and bring more visitors to your website.

Simply click on the top right hand corner "register horse" and fill in the information.

Former racehorse for sale | Off The Track Highlights

is a gorgeous youngster with a striking appearance, a burning motion and a pleasant temper........ A 16h9yr old Thoroughbred Savvy is a Thoroughbred Wallach. Approx.16.1-16.2hhhh, nice large, even movers, error free, can skip....... Big relaxed kid goodness. Approx. 16.1-16.2hh 2010 bay gelding by War Front (USA). Qualitiy of very gifted offspring.

Approx. 16.2hh Brown Gelding by Dream Ahead (USA). Beautiful movers, .... A brown gelding, all US. Jose mad? If so, you should purchase @horsewysemagazine, Australia's largest young equestrian mag! Subscribe to your annual account for only $38 per year to stay up to date.....

Fencer is a pensioned race horse with Bernadini-bloodline. The Sahara Strike is a pensioned race horse with "octagonal" blood lines. He is a pensioned race horse of "Rock Of Gibraltar" from "Barbut Delcia". To sell my TB Gelding because of some trouble, he's an Angel. She is an 8 year old 16hhh standard filly, she was educated as a pacemaker and.....

He is a tuberculosis gelding. Mm-hmm. The Bounce Back is the only way to protect the well-being and value of your animals. Consider Bounce Back as a seatbelts for your equine. With the Bounce BackĀ®..... Magnum are manufacturer and supplier of top class - Humidifiers - Aqua Walker.....

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