Ex Racehorses for Sale Australia

Former racehorses for sale Australia

At Horseseller you will find ex race horses for sale. former racehorses | Horses & Ponys Totally gentlemen, easily c,s,f. At the moment in Paddock state, we ride once/twice a day per weeks. Just to sell for the gestation and not have enough for him. He is a very talented young rider and has a great deal of talent to hold his own in any sport.

It just needs someone who has the manpower to deal with him.

You know, Off The Track, you're gonna buy and sell horses online. thoroughbred

Look here for your next top performer for sale. Thuroughbreds Off The Track is hoping to help you sell or rehabilitate your horses. Hopefully we will be able to help our horsemen rebuild the whole blood line, which is very popular in other events, by giving our horsemen the opportunity to look for each designated stallion within the family tree of the five generations.

We hope that with the father's on-site response, we can provide enough information for the horse owners to make a better educated choice when purchasing an ex-racing horse. If you have a great bloodline from a particular father, please don't neglect to give the father your own personal opinion. To buy, click here to see the father's feed back, to see what others have said about the offspring.

There is also free promotion for your equipment and your riding outfit. Promote your ex race bike or blood off the road for free. Advertisements for sale of equines and equipment will be kept for 3 month. In order to prevent undesired contacts, please tick the " Sell " option in your user login.

Australia Horse Welfare and Rescue News

Every year in Australia we breed thousand of whole bloods (TBs). Below are some useful information and useful tips to help thoroughbred riders find a new lease of Life after the race. It also provides a link to information on other thoroughbred charity matters, such as the use of the lash in motor sport and the two-year-old race.

Please visit our page Jumping in motorsport for information about jumping in motorsport. On the bottom of the page you will find some information about a forward-looking attitude to the well-being of the equine being for the sake of the equine being in the past ~ a race crew that focuses on the equine being's well-being, with 10% of its income going towards rehabilitation.

New South Wales Thoroughbred Rehabilitation Trust (NSW) - A charitable organisation established to re-educate and resume NSW racehorses at the end of their racecars. Appropriate dressage riders from the programme will find a home at Randwick's Horse Riding Safety and Horse Riding Cops. Racehorse Cyberhorse Outplacement Programme (CROP) (Vic) - A programme that offers horse education in preparation for a new carrier and brings them together with a qualified new owners.

Offers racehorses a better yield on the sale of the horses and also supports new owner. The programme is backed by equestrian companies that are providing new owner customers with a $1,000+ customer service kit of coupons and product to put them on the right track.

Coalition for the Protection of Racehorses (Vic) has a data base to assist the rehabilitation of former racehorses, please e-mail them at enquiries(at)horseracingkills.com for more information (warning, their website horseracingkills.com contains disturbing pictures and content). Vic Riding Club Inc (Vic) - Its mission is to build an entertaining, supporting community and supporting ecosystem that helps enhance the well-being, physical well-being and well-being of TB horse owners and their horsemen.

The Racehorse Rehabilitation (Qld) is at an early phase of consciousness raising and supporting the establishment of a rehabilitation center on the Sunshine Coast. The Track ~ Race Victoria has started a new web site with information about the re-training of tubs for a lifetime after the race. The Track Facebook page.

When you are looking for a off the trail OTT (TB off the track), here are some places where they can be promoted. Throroughbreds Off The Tracks is a website that offers free off road promotion for off road tubs. Several of the beloved "horses for sale" sites allow you to specifically look for off-road horse, including:

Horse-deals, Horsezone, Horseyard, Other ways to get your TB rehomed: A few seasoned equine professionals build good relations with instructors or others in the world of motorsport who let them know when equines will become available - this kind of relation can be very advantageous for well being as knowing that the equine is well cared for, getting a good initial education, etc. gives the instructor the trust to keep the equine on their way.

Sale of equidae - the sale of equidae by sale by auction to the highest bidder does not allow us to check the house where the equidae end. A lot of equine enthusiasts may find this disturbing, but the reality is that every year a large number of whole blooded animals are killed in crackers and slaughterhouses. Please, if you want the number of colts to decline, please help the rehabilitation effort of the organizations mentioned on the top of the page so that they can grow to provide more stock, and please think very hard about this before you breed new colts.

We recommend that everyone who places an ex racinghorse is realistically informed about their own past performance, financial situation, etc. in order to achieve the best possible result for the animal. A number of instructors have had poor results in giving cheap or free of charge ponies to those they thought would take good look after, only to find that they were abandoned.

Consequently, some coaches have argued that by directly slaughtering a horses, they know for sure that it will not suffer the long-term distress and pains of negligence or misuse. Hopefully such coaches will be able to consider the latest rehabilitation programmes as they demonstrate the diligence with which the horses are prepared for a new careers and adapted to a suitable home.

Ex racehorses have special needs in nursing, education and leadership that may not be known to unexperienced individuals. Failure to meet these particular needs may result in bad social outcome such as lost weights, behaviour issues, etc. - In an ideal case, all riders should be evaluated by an expert instructor when they are about to start their new careers, who can then give them the initial education to make them fit for living in the unraveled part of the riding school.

In the interest of the equine animal it is important that all problems are recognised at an early stage. Thus, for example, a thoroughbred stallion can be excluded from high altitude competition due to a foot injury, but by pinpointing the cause, the stallion can find another home as a leisure stallion for soft walking as well.

This is a race with a strong emphasis on the well-being of the horse. Equestrian sports are groomed with one year of pre-race riding and 10% of their proceeds are used to fund the Cyberhorse Racehorse Outplacement Program. "Ex racehorses often find a fitting careers in eventing. Some of the most noteworthy to have successfully completed the Australian handover are Jeepster (as Delphic Oracle), who won the Sydney 2000 Olympics with Stuart Tinney, and All Luck, who took part in the Beijing 2008 Olympics with Shane Rose, who had the quickest cross-country skiing season in the word and helped win silver for Australia.

Eventing's test characteristics match the athletics and courage for which these racehorses are known.

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