Ex Racehorses for Sale from Trainers

Former racehorses for sale by trainers

Junboyleracing rehabilitation. For the past 11 years, we have re-homed in the area of 120 stallions that have withdrawn from motor sport during our practice - we always do the best for each stallion as an individually to find the most appropriate home. All of our re-homing policies have developed over time and are now being run as Jim Boyle's ex racehorses, led by Pippa Boyle.

Boyle's former racehorses have been presented in the media, with reviews and feature stories published in Owner and Breeder Magazine, Trainer Magazine, Your Horse and the Racing Post. We have been awarded in our magazine for our success es in their new life. During 2010, we launched a page on our website, Jim Boyle's Ex Racehorses, to help us stay in contact with our ex-racers and show them what they do when they retired.

From there it started quickly and has now developed into a site with over 4,500 trailers, which is increasing every day.

Purebred ex racehorses for sale

Beautiful mountain goalk. 16. Suitable for room roster Art and love. Brown Ascending 6 Year Old 1hhh Weatherproof Whole Bloodmares. For SALE ? ? ? ? Only on the right side! <font color="#ffff00">-=?=- proudly presents Blau -16h TB Champion 9 years ex racehorse. Funded and decommissioned sounds in 2017.

I am absolutely gentleman for sale Max very sorry sale because of me with an Injury good to Schuhclip and.... Sold out of the box due to my bad condition and his horse last year, a 5 year old ex-boyfriend is getting a 5 year old TB broodmare.... 15hhh old TB broodmare, who was three years old but ridden too slowly, so had one year free on the box and....

16hhh TB Trauriger sale of a beautiful broodmare. She' s a 4:00 p.m. blooded ex-Racerin, just a....

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