Ex Racehorses free to good home

Former racehorses free to go home

Former horses. Philip Kirby Racing. Hopefully you will like the above movie of some of our past race horses. Those histories will be periodically refreshed as we get information from our new homeowners. After 8 years with us, he had 10 victories throughout his life, including the Cumbria Crystal Trophy in Cartmel - a course he liked, despite lots of intense time-outs with injuries.

Simon's favorite was Jess, after having been his principal driver at home for many years and having known him since his early years with us at Castleton, where the farm began for the first time. At his younger years he expressed his joy while being riddled with a big oink and was good at casting very respectable goats here and there when he felt that the oink did not fully reflect his serenity!

Very much in fondness of the race play he ran a 38 time race with 3 victories, his last one was on October 16th. Cheloe is relishing her lie in her new home. The Rocky would be a little temperamental, but a great steed in expert hand!

The Cleve is a holy man of a stable who will make a great animal and turn his hoofs to try himself at anything. I' m coming back this Sunday to horseback him, and I can't wait. Can I? Fifty Factor: "Frankie" abandoned us in November 2016 after a limb wound that shortened his race carreer after only 3 years.

Ups The Bees: "Bumble" was unfortunately taken out of the race due to a leg injuries at the end of 2016. The Trigger had a very brief starting period as a race horse and was very thankful to his former owner The Yarm Racing Partnership for being so kind with him. But we are very happy that we found him a nice new home with Naomi Sylvester.

The Trigger really finds his own place as a saddle and Naomi is enthusiastic about his work. Elspeth?s Boy: Now called "Elvis" by his new owner Shirley Errington, we are very pleased with how he has adapted to his new lifestyle. Amazed by this beautiful big mare, Aimee sent us an email to tell us how well he had taken on eventing:

As a three-year -old, this dainty white filly ran a few races for us, but was simply not in training. Now she has found her place in the show and equestrian sport and we were very happy about this current picture, she has a nice home. You have a riding centre near the shore and he is riding some of the more edgy or bigger horsemen they attend for instruction - the ideal work for Nobby as he was so surprisingly calm to drive that as he grew older he really wasn't suited as a race horse anymore even though he won two fenders in his first years.

Following a relapse of a sinew wound at Market Lawn in the 2013 season, the good-looking graylag ' Fairy' was rebedded - Kate told us that he now likes to hunt and still sees a photo! Missterious: Stylish brown filly, Misty was withdrawn to her owner's house for stud.

They have a beautiful breed and were very sincere - we look forward to hear from their heirs. He really got used to James, won 3 games and was placed several time - really well done! Cardle: Mr. Cardle is another one who was bought on sale and fetched a very good £28,000 for it.

It was courageous enough to buy Indy on the telephone, and I am so glad that I received the fix that he has adapted well to his new lifestyle. Avano: Now the very stylish'Avanos' has found a home with his boyfriend, the owner, and has only walked a few kilometres up the street.

Not able to ride again, this gifted artist has won a good run for us on Market Turf and at least kept his early promises. PAENNEK: Has a nice home with Andrew and Caron Bates. "Today we had a great chat at SFAS, I added some pics for your amusement, I spend the whole day looking at the album!

The Pennek really did enjoy the whole days, all in all he was a very good kid, but was thrilled to be part of all the excitement that made him jump in his gallop and jump the ring, he was dragged into 4th place in his group, which took me by surprise as he was a little too funny, unfortunately he did the same with the driver, then he turned into a fidgety fillip in the line, so I anticipate we would have been beaten down if they had sent us out to get us back, so I think we would have been beaten down if they had sent us out again to jump the ring.

Galile Figaro: "Is now with Nickki Turner, is doing very well in the high-ranking class and was represented at H&H last fall and also won a German Championships in February 2013. The Haka is a very talented and talented youngster, but to channel it into a racing event has never been made! With Wendy and Cameron Woods from Selby, Haka has found a very good home.

She' keeps us all up to date with photos of him on Facebook, which is good to see! SkiPip has a new lease of Life as a lucky chipper and raider with committed and seasoned tub owners Pete Smith. He' s a giant, impressive chestnut mount, but he' s kind to him! We' re so excited about the home Pete Skip gave us, a home for a lifetime.

Return to Paris: Formerly in the possession of Julie Haughton,'Paris' has now been re-homed with Rosemary Prior and enjoys a constant flow of chopping together. He' got a kind of home forever. With Stacy, who has the former stable mate Black Jacari (above), Roder went to his new home.

He was taken out of the race because of a sinew wound and won three good places for us. He' got a home for living and Helen love him to death! The Poppet is a big, well build filly and has a good gait and a big leap.

She' s a good rider, but can sometimes get a little bit disappointed and never seemed to chill out in her race when she was practicing. Now she has gone back to her breeders Tom and Mary Stone, who are planning to use her as an organizer, as she has always been an amazing jump star at home and does nice shallow work.

Always knowing that he would make a first-rate show jumper, we first auctioned him to top show maker Danielle Heath, who auctioned him to the Findlow familiy for BSPS years. We' re sure we will see him at HOYS in the near term, the best looking stallion we have ever had at Dibble.

Thinks he' a charming kid and will hack and show him after a reorientation. Having passed through this once arduous journey, she is a Protestant person. At Panama At Once: In his old days, a'Reece' got him as a race horse and returned home to the Panama Sports Horse for a long and prosperous time.

Driving many good race for Ownaracehorse and gave them some unforgettable victories. Let's Go Girls:'Annie' was a beautiful, kind brown filly who won Wetherby for us under Kyle James. It was a calm trip, easily maintained and had a nice personality. Annie' has won 3 times so far and was last known for having been in practice with Brian Storey and has new heroes.

The Hazy was a good kind and showed a lot of power at home but never made it all the way to the circuit. Apparently struck by her work at home (as we were), she seemed like a hurdle and was placed once last year. Formerly held by Keith Foster, was spot-selled to someone who does the show.

Now we have found Diva, who is in a good house near Guisbrough, in good shape and luck. We knew that she was a really tenacious little filly that we had purchased from Ireland for ourselves. It was such a pity to loose this filly so young that we were very lucky to give birth to our young filly named Laurel Fllicka (see picture above) when she was prepared for another one.

but she was breakable. It was another beautiful, calm steed that was easily handled. The ' Fly' is now in practice with Lee James in Malton, whose offspring Kyle has ridden several champions for us, among them this filly in Hexham!

Prinz Freddie:'Freddie' was placed several places, but never won for us. for Earl Grez: formerly held by Keith & Jayne Sivills. Walked for sale as a 7-year-old virgin, where he went home with Peter Bowen. Hoppy wins twice since the start. With Pat and Thomas Ellwood as proprietors.

But Chessie, as he is called at home, is an unbelievably beautiful mare who will be with you for the rest of your Iife.

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