Ex Racehorses free to good home uk

Former racehorses free to well home UK

exc racing horse - ponies & mounts, for sale It is the brand of the pre-loveed brand with a symbolic balloon in the shape of a balloon and the letters L and D with a loving hearts icon carved from the centre. Words'Preloved' are displayed along the logotype trade name, which is the logotype trade name'Preloved', showing a sign in the form of a balloon and the letters L and D with a loving hearts sign carved from the centre.

Words "Preloved" are displayed below the logotype.

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We' re not connected to any of the stallions for rent. Ensure that you have the appropriate authorisation to rent or rent a product as we have followed several stallions that should not have been offered for purchase! There will be verified controls to ensure that the ponies are in fact ex-race ponies, so please do not advertise for non-approved ponies.

When you want to place an ad about a stallion that you want to rent or rent, you will find all the necessary promotional information in the "Advertise" section. However, we are hoping that those who advertise will continue to opt for payment, as all funds they receive will be used to support the rehabilitation of racehorses.

You can advertise the following stallions on this website: Remember: Equestrian sports that were in education but not really in the race - although the advertiser should make this clear in their ad. Notice: - These stallions are not allowed for certain RoR competitions. - Participation in competitions of other organizations such as TARRA and the Ex-Racers Club is open to these animals.

For the following ponies we cannot advertise on this website: Every blood that wasn't in school. There is also "Re-Educating Racehorses - A Life After Racing ", the first publication about the re-education of racehorses that has been released in recent years.

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