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Power Mixes | Excel Equine Horse Feed These texturized feeds have turnip chips and a higher percentage of fats for ripe mounts in difficult workouts or for mounts that need to put on extra weights. Oat flakes, turnip chips, pipe walnut, crackcorns, soya flour, dry alfa flour, hydrolysed soy flour, grain flour, cereal burner dry granules, deformed phosphorus, lime bicarbonate, sodium, L-lysine, magnesia, chelated zinkaminoacid, etc,

Eisenaminosäurechelat, Eisensulfat, Mangansulfat, Manganaminosäurechelat, Kupfersulfat, Kupferaminosäurechelat, Ethylendiamindihydriodid, Kobaltsulfat, Natriumselenit, Selenhefe, Hefekultur, Vitamine A-Zusatz, Vitamine D3-Zusatz, Supplementation with vitamins Eis, Menadium Natrium Bisulphite Group, Liboflavin Complement, Calcopantothenate, Cholinchlorid, Niacine Complement, Vitamine B12 Complement, Biotine, Folate, Pyridoxine Hydochloride, Thiaminmonitrate, Dehydrated acidophilus Enzymatic Composition, Dr, and more, with the help of the following products: B12 Complement, Lactobacillus acidophilus,

dehydrated Lactococcus fascium fermented products, dehydrated Lisobacillus fascius fermented products, dehydrated Lisobacillus plantsarum fermented products, dehydrated Pesococcus acidsilacticii fermented products, naturally and synthetically flavoured feed.

About Us | Excel Equine Horse Feeds

At Excel Equine, Kent Thompson is implicated in everything from sales to product development. They formulate new top-quality feed mixes, answer customers' feed problems, oversee our Louisville, Ky. plant feed manufacture, organise the dispatch of feed to our clients on purebred race tracks in the southeast and travel to Florida, Louisiana and other countries to work with new sales partners as Excel Equine's sales force is expanded.

A PhD in veterinary sciences, Kent is the driving forces behind Excel Equine's growing line of top-quality feed mixes. Due to its experience in the field of pet nourishment, which demands skills in the fields of chemicals, physic, biology, math, behaviour, economy and human consumption, Excel Ecuine has become known for feedingstuffs that are physiologically flawless, adapted to the different nourishing needs of animals of different age and breed and appeal to the animals that use them.

He has a life-long interest in equine and pet food. Born and raised on a New York back-country ranch where he worked with draught horse and showed them before going to Cornell University to obtain his bachelor's in veterinary sciences. He had always been a fan of thoroughbred motorsport, so he went to Kentucky, the heart of motorsport, to do his diploma thesis at the University of Kentucky, where he received his master's and PhD in veterinary sciences.

Kent spent six years teaching at the UK Veterinary Office after two years as a postdoc. It was from there that he started developing new feed for the horse at Purina Mills, teaching at Midway College and as a horse nutrition consultant at Buckeye Nutrition in Ohio. Then Kent saw an occasion to be in the shop for herself and with a friend purchased Tapp's Feed, a pet food factory located in Shelbyville, Ky.

Tapp's and Producer Feeds of Louisville joined forces to form Excel Equine in 2014. If he' s not at work, Kent is at his ranch in Shelby County, where he has his own ponies. They naturally consume Excel Equine premier feed mixes.

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