Exercise Wraps for Horses

Training wrap for horses

Stitched leg wraps and ceramic therapy wraps. Sheaths and ceramic therapy covers provide excellent support before and after training and can also be used for shipping. The Stretch & Flex exercise bandages are designed to provide your horse's lower leg with a high degree of support, cushioning and protection during training. Stretch &

Flex training bandages are available in one size so that they can be easily transferred from one horse to the other.

Breathable Cool Space Liner Stretch & Flex horse training supports

The Stretch & Flex exercise supports are developed to hold, cushion and protect your horse's lower legs during training. Stretch & Flex training supports are available in one sizes so that they can be transferred effortlessly from one to the other. Looks great with our Stretch & Flex Bell bootsto, which offer kiss to tell-shields.

They are available in practical packages of four pads, so they are easily washed and can be applied very easily.

Circulatory exercise supports

Circulatory training pads are developed to help avoid injuries, speed up recuperation times and enhance overall wellbeing. Passively rest - Wrap your horse's leg after work with circulatory exercise supports to help alleviate inflammations and avoid injuries. Cold-therapy - Just let damp circulatory exercise pads and excessive moisture run out.

The efficacy of cryotherapy is maintained for up to 1 hr to help relieve perspiration. While working on your horses, you should be wearing circulating exercise supports. Directly after work your mare, apply your training pads and let it work for about 45 to 1h. Circulating exercise supports act as an icy bag for 45 to 1 hr to relieve swollenness.

It can be carried over night. The Incrediwear is a novel "athletic" material that has been used in the sport industries for over 6 years. Incrediwear is a fibre imbedded in germanium/carbon which is stimulated when subjected to bodily warmth, where adverse ions cause a mechanic rise in circulation to the area, coupled with enhanced lymph drainages from the area leading to its singularity.

In principle, the dried application increases the blower and promotes lymph draining. In the case of application in the presence of moisture (especially with heated or heated water), an endo-thermal response takes place, which leads to falling superficial temperature and an "ice bandage" effect. By applying these general principals, the preparation can be dried prior to training to improve circulation and after training it can be wetted for the "icing effect".

Tendinitis / Suspensory Desmitis - Both diseases can involve an infection, lesion and/or degeneracy of the sine/band, whereby the matrices are usually involved to a certain extent. Desmitis This is a state that is often associated with tender inflammations and possible adhesions between the lower control band (ICL) and either the surface dark sinew tissue (SDFT) or the dark sinew tissue (DDFT).

Desmitis/Wind Puff ring-shaped pigment - These diseases, which include the ankle area, are usually inflammations and possible adhesion of the ring band. Both are inflammations of the bones and/or periodontium. Osselot - This is a disease that causes generalised infection of the ankle of young racing horses, especially when the articular capsules are inserted into the canonbone.

Rarely a stallion can be "overexcited" by the increase in circulation and begin to scratch or tear the wraps.

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