Expensive Riding Boots

Dear riding boots

A long-running favourite, riding boots are timeless and polished and radiate Americana minimalism. Most expensive riding boots ever? Most expensive riding boots ever? So I sent an e-mail request for a set of boots. Our boots are made according to your wishes.

It usually takes us at least 6 month for a first couple and riding boots are about £5000 and tree for them about £1500.

Enticing, but just a little out of my pricing band...... for that they would want to be gold-plated, not made out of calfskin.... I' m guessing it's all relatively someone like the Packers it would be like we're payin' $50 a mate. I' m with Cobie on these, pretty nasty boots, I think my 500â boots are much more beautiful than these!

You look like men's boots?

Our top of the range riding boots in Italy are indisputable.

Our top of the range riding boots in Italy are indisputable. Our bespoke riding boots are handcrafted to meet the highest standards and to provide a truly stylish shoe for the best horsemen in the business. Handcrafted luxury boots made of the best calf skin and the most enchanting British riding insole.

Jägerstiefeln is specially conceived for riding and riding horses: jumping, training and events, leisure riding, champion, ponies and youngsters.


Featuring both long and shorts, our collection is available in a range of colors, style and fit. As we know how important it is to have a well-fitting set of riding boots, all our long riding boots are available in different sizes of feet, calves and heights.

The long boots are suited for many riding sports and because of their high wear resistance they provide a real price-performance ratio. Besides our long riding boots we also have a large selection of riding boots. Our jodhpurs and paddocks boots are a good choice for both riding and stable use.

The boots are available with a wide choice of zipper and lacing styles, are intended for everyday use and are easily put on and off. With the support of the prestigious UK rider John Whitaker, we are convinced that our riding boots offer not only the highest standards of workmanship, but also a long life, stylish and comfortable ride.

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