Extra Wide Calf Horse Riding Boots

Riding boots extra wide

Being a rider with short, wide calves, I have trouble finding boots in my price range. Equileather boot for equestrian sports, extra wide calf. Broad calf british riding boots At the centre is the convenience for the broader calf! Flex Plus Field Boat Plus is equipped with 2 elastic pleats on both sides of the zip to hold the wide and extra wide calf. Manufactured from finely, long-lived, full-grain calf.

Completely padded with plant-tinted calfskin that adapts to your legs and underlines the individual touch of this delicate boots.

ISOLITIZED Flex offers a new level of convenience, knuckle flex and instant burglary. Shoelaces, elasticated inserts, back zip and a classical rippled soleplate for safety and fashion.

Extralong calf riding boots

I love those boots. It' s uncommon that I can carry boots I have wide calf. I' m 5'3, wearing a 7 1/2 and they got just below my knees. You' re comfy and I have received many congratulations. Usually I buy my boots from torrids, but these were about $30-$40 off!

"By Kat M. These boots are very sweet! They look just like the photo. I' ve ordered the wide calf and they are very spacious. Sizes are as anticipated. There was no need to order a larger sock, but I do not plan to use thick ones. I' ve got so many congratulations for these boots and really enjoy weaving them.

I' ve got wide legs and have a tough job to find sweet boots that go with it, but these are great and very comfy. Beautiful boots - a good match, only a little comfortably in the calf area, although it is listet as a "wide calf". The other wide calf boots are much more spacious with booted gauntlets and socks.

So, if your cattle are taller than 17 inches. This is a very nice boots for me, but not if you are definitely taller in the calf area. Lovin' those boots. They' re a perfect match for my wide calf and that's difficult to find. Those boots are so comfy.

You' re the right altitude, and I can run in these boots all and sundry. I' d definitely suggest it to any girls with wide calves. I bought the grey in a 9th grade. I usually wears an 8. 5, but like going up a half sized for moresocks.

Big, wide calf! I even had some space left over, which I normally don't get with allegedly "wide calf boots". This boots has a more costly look because of the clasp and the metallic detail. They' re not the most costly boots, but you can't beaten them! I' m half the length of what I carry in a sneaker and they go perfectly!

I have NEVER been able to find boots that go loose around my calf, but these do. I' ve just got my boots in a 9. 5 wide brow. I purchased the wide legs because I have beautiful legs, but I probably could have done it just as well with the normal one.

You are definitely a big calf. Only problem is that they are not "journee" boots. They' good boots, so I'm not giving them back. "A great fit" - From J.A.M. I have broader legs, but right between wide and even fibula, so it can be a real challange to find boots that are not too narrow or too wide.

This boots are a perfect match! It' s a tiny little wide top opening, but not wide enough to look like I'm in a pair of boots. Buying a 9. 5 Wide Calf - 9. 5 C/D (usually a 9 in other footwear, about 9. 5-10 in boots) and my feet have a lot of room without being too spacious.

The boots are comfy and I can use them all and sore. I' d suggest it to anyone with broader legs! I have been wearing these boots for about a year now and I like them, I am a little bit harsh on footwear, so I de-ffinitely purchase another couple for support this year.

Just a token of abrasion and rip on my pair (wearing a little on the back right heel, just because I'm harsh on shoes and these were worn when I worked in retailing last winter), but even after being in the depot they look great.

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