Extruded Horse Feed

Pre-extruded horse feed

Advantages of extruded horse feeds. When you first saw extruded feed, you probably thought, Ick. The Rice Bran Nugget Horse Feed. An advanced extrusion process promotes digestive health and prevents colic.

Advantages of extruded horse feeds

It is extruded? This is a method in which the additives are briefly boiled under the influence of high temperatures. The feed is then moved through a mould, which gives it a uniquely smooth form. Warmth from working reduces the feed texture, making the nutrition more easily digested and available to the horse.

Studies have shown that extruded feed is up to 30% more available than the pelletized version of the same feed. Studies have shown that extruded feed is up to 40% more available than wholemeal and confection. As a result of extruding much more grease can be added to the feed, most pet food is extruded.

The extruded feed prolongs the storage lives of feed from a few days to a few month. What effect does it have on the most important nutrients? It splits (or denatures) the main binding that holds the sequence of essential fatty acid together. In addition, the extruded temperature denaturates unwanted substances such as urase and temptpsin inhibitors in crude soy beans.

Carbohydrate (starch) utilisation is considerably enhanced by the extruding operation. It is gelatinised when extruded and stretches when it exits the coextruder. Grease: During the extruding operation, oils from the sperm atozoa and other materials are liberated, making the grease more readily available for use.

Olive oils help to cover the fat acids requirements and increase the feed's power densities. Fibers: Influence of extruded material on the fibre depends on the apparent weight. As a result of mechanic influence, milling and abrasion, the cavities of fibre material are comminuted, which changes their apparent densities and makes the fibre more readily available to germs in the rear intestine.

Expanding the extruded feed results in the horse eating and chewing more slowly, resulting in more saliva flow, better intestinal transit and less indigestion. Extruded horse feed has many advantages: Boiling associated with extruding enhances the biodigestibility and uptime of all feed ingredients, which includes fibres, starches, protein, minerals and fat, resulting in higher absorbtion and lower risks of indigestion.

As a result, the nutrients get into the horse and are not squandered, so that you feed significantly less food. Pre-extruded feed is more voluminous than conventional sweetened feed or granules, which decreases the speed at which the horse eats its crop. The extruded feed is not screwed together as quickly as other feed. The extruded feed passes through the intestines more slowly than other feed, which in turn improves the digestibility of the feed.

It has been proven that extruded feed reduces colics. Nourishment is more easily taken up in the small bowel, preventing back intestinal congestion by minimizing digestion and digestion issues. Extrusions increase the nutrient supply to the horse. The extruded feed promotes mastication and salivation. The extruded feeders almost completely remove the presence of fine particles.

Reduced bottom powder means more nutritive substances get into the horse. It allows the addition of higher quantities of grease to horse feed. EnvisionĀ® progressive nutrition extrusions contain no sugar or sugar-masses.

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