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You can find Facebook ads in our Horses & Ponies category from Queensland. BCHBC Facebook Group discussion/posting guidelines:

Little Miracle

Award-winning Great Fighter with many awards. Awesome movers with great jumps and auto-guides. Beautiful bangs, ranging from children's ponies to large ponies. Magnificent large bangs hunter with great movements, exterior and a great leap. "Picasso " is a really courageous and filigree bangs that has fought for the best tapes in the whole state.

Walk Trot victor in the mornings to the victor and classical of the Large Greens in the afternoons. This is Fancy Large Poney Horse, who started all over the land and won top bands. Amazing movers, beautiful exterior and no spookiness at all. "Ronald " is a beautiful middle-sized show jumper with an unbelievable show track and a lot of experiences; ideal for any child who is willing to accept the show ring.

He is a great jumper with a great leap across the floor. It is especially practical and is ideal for the Pony Hunter Derby's. "Cali " is a terrific great pony hunter, which everyone approves. He' s the best in every respect - one of the best horses in the land and absolutely rhythmic and easy to adjust.

At the beginning of 2017 Oscar became the 3'6" Green Hunter. He' a great big pony hunter who can lead a child from trotting and walking to the big ponyhunter. He is a Top Small Family Hunter in various championship competitions with the Juniors and Second Year Green Working Hunter with John French.

"Martin " is a chic and trendy green pony for sale to a prestigious show house.

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BCHBC Facebook Group discussion/posting guidelines: The following postings are recorded on the basis of member feedbacks and with the aim of supporting BCHBC meetings, actions and goals: Contributions on the success of the BCHBC section and/or forthcoming meetings are welcome. Contributions from any event that has nothing to do with BCHBC activity. Educational / fun / inspiring contributions about horseback rides, equine healthcare / grooming/nutrition / training, pertinent histories, etc. are welcome.

There are no jobs related to torture or negligence, unless a BCHBC section is directly engaged in a solution/raising, etc. Privately-owned (not commercial) places for sale or commerce may only refer to horses, ponies, burros, semitrailers, horsebox trailer and HGV. If you respond to articles for sale/trade/leasing, please post a personal note to the vendor instead of having lengthy discussion about the prices etc. on the Fed.

NOT POSTALS OF A TRADE NATURE: For professional hospitals, trainings, farriers or other companies that are not allowed. These include realtors, crafts, art for sale, equestrian goods that can be your pastime, but you are selling at a premium in any amount, etc. Contributions are removed if you want to criticise or be against.

Become part of the BCHBC product group! Have a look at one of the many chapters throughout the provinces where we meet in person. Whilst Facebook can be great- nothing like real'face time'! Most of the chapters also have personal Facebook groups where you can find out more about trips and other information about the region.

To find a section near you, click here to see a provincial chart. Facebook related issues? Send a personal message to Tara Rice, the voluntary Facebook group administrator.

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