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Falabella miniature horses and ponies for sale. with. The number of Falabellas is therefore limited - they are horses for lovers and breeders. Sell and buy Falabella for free. The original Falabella miniature horse breeder in Canada.

A full Falabella colt for sale.


Both my husband and I both grow crops and we shared the view that our two children would in many ways profit from being raised on a farms. We started to build railings in 2008 and bought our first miniature paintings in 2009.

When we learnt more about small ponies, we started to specialise in the unique and wonderful Falabellas. The Falabellas are one of the oldest and cleanest minis and were cultivated in Argentina by the Falabella people. The Falabellas are cultivated for colour, exterior and temper. As a first stage in this development, we found an extraordinary herd as the basis for our cattery.

When we were able to buy the famous Falabella guille, we were up to date. The Falabella Guille was bought by Senor Falabella himself and brought from Argentina. Have a look at the photos of our yard and don't hesistate to ask us any of these.

Falabella's for sale - buy a Falabella

To buy a Falabella? Falabella is for sale! The Falabella is a unique and purely miniature horse without the influence of a hybrid or manipulator. All-bred Falabella have the primal pedigree from which their inheritance can be derived. A further condition is that the parent and the three generation before them are 100% thoroughbred.

It must be proven that the progenitors come from the Falabella Ranch Establecimientos Falabella in Argentina. It is the goal of the Register of Families to protect this singular minibred horse from dying out. ACCF is a parent company in Argentina. The FSE (Falabella Register Europe) recognizes this, where only 350-400 ponies are known.

For each Falabella you wish to enroll, you must have your own genetic material. These analyses and a profil test are available to guarantee thoroughbred progeny. The number of Falabellas is therefore restricted - they are for breeders and lovers. Also the number of ponies for sale is restricted, some of them are for sale abroad.

We never have many ponies for sale in our Jaegersrust stables, but when we are selling, we ensure the best quality: 100% pure-bred Falabella.

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