Falabella Miniature Horses for Sale

New Falabella Miniature Horses for sale

Also the number of horses for sale is limited, some of them are sold abroad. The original Falabella miniature horse breeder in Canada. Featuring advice and information, Falabella Miniature Horse: Buy and sell Falabella for free. We' ve got the largest herd of Falabella miniature horses in the world!


Both my husband and I both grow crops and we shared that our two children would in many ways profit from being raised on a farms. We started to build railings in 2008 and bought our first miniature paintings in 2009.

When we learnt more about miniature horses, we chose to specialise in the rarities and beauty of Falabellas. The Falabellas are one of the oldest and cleanest miniature and were cultivated by the Falabella in Argentina. The Falabellas are cultivated for colour, exterior and temper. As a first stage in this development, we found an extraordinary herd as the basis for our cattery.

When we were able to buy the famous Falabella guille, we were up to date. It is a noisy, dark red coloured leaflet with a large body and character. He' s only 29 inch and has produced many Apaloosa colts. The Falabella Guille was bought by Senor Falabella himself and brought from Argentina.

Have a look at the photos of our yard and don't hesistate to ask us any of these.

We have a large number of young animals, broodmares and studs for sale.

We have a large number of young animals, broodmares and studs for sale. The perfect B-size stud for his offspring! Nice horse mare Appaloosa B, sire is Ferrari and this young colt has a lot of horses! Congratulations to Mattheau! Congratulations Vicky! Congratulations Brenda! "The Hickory Springs Hickory Springs Indian Paint Brush" A fine example of a pure Falabella mare!

Congratulations to Debbie, Canada. Smart-Mare! "SOBR" Isabella Falabella SOLD! Nice puttaloosa filly! Congratulations Diane! Produces a beautiful blue-eyed chestnut filly by Nitro! Congratulations to Wayne and Vicky! Congratulations to Melanie! "Monarch " Sweet Appaloosa chestnut foal with mating! Father is BTU Bucket of Gold, a beautiful Balomino horse!

"Tallulah " Falabella mix Silver Dapple pinto pink filly! Sheer Falabella little brother stud! There are always minute, clean Falabella colts in Hot Shot! Congratulations to the new Hottie-owner! His father is AF Revenge, a small true Falabella-son! Sheer Falabella dark appealoosa filly! She is a deep dark Apaloosa filly by Zumbador!

That is a very small horse! Charming Silver Dapple filly! Dam, you know, Double Take is also a Silver Dapple Mar! Nice appaloosa horse! Sutherlin' s Little Pepper had a beautiful Bay Dun Appaloosa filly in April 2016! Pepper and her Filly Hickory Springs Mountain Rose Tansy were on sale! Congratulations to Lynn and her wife and daughter on the leopards, Ariequin!

Congratulations to Pam and her familiy on their Cinco! The smallest foal we had in 2015! Congratulations Brooke on your acquisition of La Reina! Congratulations to Lynn and her wife and daughter on the acquisition of Tansy.

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