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Well-known horse books

The Bree from The Horse and His Boy by C.S. Joey from War Horse by Michael Morpurgo.

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Mitternacht Famous horse tales Rutherford Montgomery Ill. his works included the Golden Stallion range and the Yankee Flier range. OF THE SORREL STALION FAMOUS HORSE TALES OF DAVID COPYWRIGHT WAS BORN IN 1932 & 1951; GOOD FORM. Beautiful Barb the horse with the magic feet of Dana Faralla. In my view, the manuscript is in good condition for his old age. What do you mean?

It is a used and fun reading that has been done.... Großet & Dunlap/Famous Horse Stories. State of the book: Excellent plus to almost perfect; strong bond and clear text. Famous Horse Stories. It is in a good shape and seems to be illegible! No markings or lettering inside or outside the work.

It is an old children's playbook, Game Palomino, stallion of the prairies by Stephen Holt from 1946. Phantom Roan. "without assuming the responsibilities of a game horse. Although he liked all beasts, his passion for the horse was.... The horse that didn't know a master.

Großet & Dunlap/Famous Horse Stories. The books are packed in newsprint to cover the edges and then in a pillow case if there is a speaker. Larom, Henry V. Mountain Pony and the Pinto Colt. Story telling episode. The bond is very good. Larom, Henry V. Mountain Pony und das Rodeo Mystery (Famous Horse Stories).

Stawberry Roan (Famous Horse Stories HB/DJ The Store of a Champion Trotter et...... That has a shredded dustbin, but it's an early issue (first?). of this marvelous tale. HB/DJ Rutherford Montgome (The Golden Stallion's Victory (Famous Horse Stories)...... It seems the manuscript is not read or used! There are no markings or lettering inside or outside the work.

The Dust Jacket is in Very Good Plus to excellent conditioning with very good..... All pictures show a general impression of the state. Small dent at the ends of the back; small slant of the back; very small stains at the upper text area; former owner's labels at the inner front plate; very good, neat text....

State:: Stawberry Roan (Famous Horse Stories HB/DJ The Story of a Champion Trotter and...... Stawberry Roan (Famous Horse Stories HB/DJ The Story of a Champion Trotter and a Young Stable Boy. The inner text is in perfect state with a close bond and fresh, neat pages. Overall, this work is in good shape for its ages and use.

Mountains Pony and the Pinto Colt, Famous Horse Stories, Larom, 1947, Very good books with lightweight clothing, neat interieur without lettering. Two very beautiful photocopies of these tracks from the Famous Horse Stories collection. It is in perfect shape, with a firm bind and neat, firm pages.

It will appear blank and not used. Covers are now placed on the dustbin.... Good state. There'?s no dustbin. The bond's firm. In 1951 heavy cover with protective cover. Sweater cover has a few small cracks and modest rack wastage. Booking yourself in good shape with firm bindings. Game Palomino, Stallion of the Prairies, Stephen Holt, Famous Horse Stories, Very good books with slight abrasion, neat interieur without inscription.

The Tweed Hardback Book is in very good plus to superb shape with a close bind and neat, crunchy insides. The jacket is in perfect shape and is now in good working order....

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