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A fancy tack for cowboys and cowgirls | Here you will find more ideas about horse equipment, saddles and horse neck. On products and suppliers: On our customers and suppliers: Approximately 79% of them are other horse produce, 17% are halter. There are a lot of unusual horse bridle possibilities at your disposal, e.g. free patterns, purchased patterns.

We have 1,027 fancy bridle supplies, mainly in Asia. Its most important supplier markets are India, Pakistan and China (mainland), which account for 78%, 10% and 10% respectively of the broken horse bridles.

Unusual bridleware is the most common in Western, Northern and Southern Europe. Guarantee your security by choosing from among 67 with others, 41 with ISO9001 and 2 with ISO 13485-certifications.

Waist-to-fit and functional 12 bridles

Whilst bridles are generally considered for their practicality, these twelve lovely bridles can really help you and your horse set yourself apart from the mass. Are you fond of the handicraft that goes into the breeding of top horses? Many bridles are quite simple, but these nice bridles are a real leap apart. The bridles below are specially developed for stunning and inspiring you with the use of more material than your regular bracelets and metallic clasps.

Have a look at these unbelievably nice bridles. Who is the best for your horse? Snazzy! You want one of those nice bridles for yourself now? Most of them are handmade bridles of the highest qualitiy. However, you can be sure that if your horse is wearing one of these bridles, he will surely turn around.

If you have a chic harness or just an ordinary school harness, it is important to take good grooming to extend your lifes. If you cannot wash your bridles after each use, make sure you at least brush the bridles to eliminate excessive perspiration and soiling.

Make sure you regularly perform a thorough cleansing by loosening all clasps and holders and thoroughly cleansing and caring for the whole bridles. Also, keep in mind to keep your bridles correctly; they should always be hanged and never placed over a nut or other objects.

You can make sure that your bridles last for years by taking care of them.

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