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See more ideas about horse stalls, horses and horse farms. 5 most interesting / luxury horse stables in the wolrd

Whilst most of our ponies, just like the others, sometimes have to endure some discomfort in their stables (after all, it doesn't hurt them if they aren't pampered all the while, it does help to keep them in shape and tough), some of them seem to be living Riley's world ("not that anyone knows who Riley was or whether he was a horse or not).

Surely the majority of the luxury that would not be out of place in a five-star resort, but neither would its owner and rider, is available to them. On the 54 hectare large riding school there is a so-called "magnificent 12-stable with all amenities".

The stables are in fact located in the mansion so that the horse and their owner can eat in a stylish way; certainly it is an extraordinary lifestyle and not too expensive. The Hunter Jumper Horse Riding Center is constructed in a way that is reminiscent of a typical house in Spain with all the comforts a horse could ever have.

In addition to these luxury and well-equipped stables in Simi Valley, California, the riding hall has a Grand Prix stadium, a Derby Grass stadium, a rubber-sand mixing ring and 60 stands. This is not a poor place for a horse enthusiast to hike for a few short rambles in the shallow areas of the Simi Valley and the gentle plains of the Santa Susana Mountains.

In fact, this is a 53 hectare riding complex of great luxuries. In Hawaii, it is described as "world-class architecture and the most comfortable and functional riding facility in the state", and that's just the part for the horse. It is the pinnacle of the luxuries of Hawaii that both horse and horseman can enjoy.

It is a new type of hotels and stables that offer luxurious accommodations for horse and human. Most of the time, the thoroughbred Arabic horses have the same sumptuous styles as the riders. Trekking and horse care are state of the technology, the open pasture and five-star care, while providing relaxation and relaxation.

There' s a twelve thoroughbred Arabs along with a series of hiking mounts, several Ponys and six outdocks. Maybe not quite in this class, but when Belle De Harlequin (aka Betty Bumps) had to quit show jumper sport because of an accident, her proud owners Vicky Davies, chose a luxurious stables with all her trophy, all the trophy horse she could wish for, a cleaning facility and the Pique de Resistance, a 52 in. high definition TV and a Sky pack, so she could see the show jumps on TV.

The most spoiled horse in the UK, Betty Bumps, but did she really love to watch the thrill? Davies said she did and even seemed to recognize some of her classmates.

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