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In-depth recommendation lists of the best fantasy books, discussions about the best fantasy novels, fantasy book reviews and a blog about everything to do with fantasy. 100 best fantasy novels of all times This was frightening, but we did it: a listing of the hundred best fantasy books of all times. Now, we used to love those books and think they earned being on the manifest. It' s a completely personal listing, and with a cut-off of a hundred books, we couldn't put on all the stunning fantasy stories.

Hopefully you'll browse through this checklist and accept many of our tips and find some new ones to collect. In case we forgot something, please include it in the comment below - we'd be happy to see which books would be on your listing!

Well, here's our best fantasy books of all times (in alphabetical order)! OMORAFOR YA is a YA Yorafor novel about a Nigerian-American woman with absinthe skins and a profound fountain of magic talents. It is an absolute breathtaking reading, a jewel in a crowded sub-genre.

An incredibly powerful writer in the imagination of young adults, Tamora Pierce and Alanna: The First Adventure are truly the first adventures in the real life Orbital world to span several other serials. The bizarre story is fantastically easy to reread as a kid, with its absurd stories and absurd words, and lots of pleasure to come back as an adulthood, as one of the first portals of fantasy in literary work.

Defining a contemporary classical. It is also a flawless novel for our contemporary US culture scene that highlights how intrinsically linked US identities are to migration. Fitz, the bastard son of a would-be royal, is accompanied by Robin Hobb's story of growing up from his beginnings in a dirty barn to his adulthood as a respectable and dreaded attacker.

One unusual kind of protagonist, Fitz's story is sure to entertain those who become fatigued by fantasy heroes. Katherine Arden's Russian-inspired fantasy will certainly become a new one. This story follows a young maiden with the capacity to see the folkloristic animals in and around her town, much to the dismay of her step-mother and the resident church clergy.

This is an important work in the evolution of the game. Magic books recommended directly to your mailbox. The JY Yang Tensorate franchise follows the twin Mokoya and Akeha, one with the capacity to see what will be, the other with the capacity to see what may be. Heaven' s black tides are part of a couple of novels that can be seen next to the red threads of happiness.

Joe Abercrombie's The Blade itself, the inspiration behind the grim fantasy, leads the reader into a dark universe where anyone can perish and sometimes even a hero can not. With a colorful cast of protagonists, including a war-tired bbarbarian and a tortured man who questions his calling, The Blade sent himself in a more dark, bloody vein with the following fantasy fi iction stories.

Whilst Rivia's The Last Wish Geralt presented the word in its anthology of stories, The Last Wish Geralt is the first full-length novel to feature the mythical Hexer - a man who mutated and trained to become the Ultimate Killer of Creatures. They are the books on which The Witcher's videogames are built, but you can immerse yourself in both media first.

McKinley's classical story of a women who finds herself in a strange cultural environment has fascinated the reader for years. This is a great reading for young and old people. As one of the pillars of the imagination of young adults, writer Lloyd Alexander recounts the story of Taran, a deputy pig cracker who dreamt of being a protagonist.

Important reading for every discerning fantasy learner. Broken Crown is the first of the books in the line to explore the battle between domination and empire. Changeling is a warning fairytale for the online world. All the stories in this volume are located in Ambergris: a squid-loving fantasy statehood constructed on the lands of enigmatic Grey Caps: a vibrant breed of tunnellers who may still stand up and recover what once belonged to them.

Imaginative global education can be tricky, but Wells makes it look easy in the Raksura franchise, where she creates not just a single universe, but an whole non-human breed and civilization that works as perfect and seamlessly as if the Raksura actually was there. Well, not every fantasy is either high, strange or epic.

He is a satirical genius and his books are laughed at loudly and irrevocably. Quick reading, full of the strength of the genre. It is another technical YA notebook, but it can be consumed at any age. King Arthur's story has been repeated many, many a time, but the Crystal Cave, the first in Stewart's Harthurian Saga, is the only one presented from the point of view of Arthur's Fortune Adviser Merlin.

Stewart's re-invention of this classical story is full of adventures and magics and is considered one of the best in its kind. A novel that single-handedly contributed to legitimizing the Lost Realms for all fantasy writers. Fantasy fiction is fantastic, but there aren't that many books about able feminine characters.

Paksenarrion's deed is one of the few and one of the best high fantasy myths there is, without exception. It' the gay anti-colonialist self-complex you didn't know you needed. This is the first manuscript in an fantasy movie that George R. R. R. Martin and Patrick Rothfuss described as the essence of their own triumph.

Kites have long belonged to the fantasy generation and are therefore a tropez that is hard to re-imagine. But McCaffrey did exactly that with Dragonflight, a sci-fi novel with fantasy features that plays on the Pern family. One of the best were the Dragonlance Adventures: a collection of tiles placed in their own dragon-torn Krynn realm.

Dragoonlance was backed by a number of spin-offs, the first of which, The Dragons of Autumn Twilight, was well received by non-gaming people. Cherryh' Arafelaga, the first two books of which are gathered here, is a masterpiece of Celtic-inspired fantasy. While Tolkien is generally thought to have given birth entirely to fantasy fiction, he would never have gotten there without Lord Dunsany.

It is no mystery that Tolkien liked Dunsany's work and kept his books in his own private collection. A story about a restless romantic relationship between a man royal and an elfin female principal, The Elf King's Daughter is a fundamental work of the genre that every fantasy enthusiast should be reading. Stormbringer, the Stormbringer, the soul-eating demonic blade of Prince Elric, who is condemned to failure, is as much an accusation against the blade and magic clichés as an exciting fantasy game.

Composed in answer to the able, muscle-bound savages of traditional myth ology, Moorcock's myth tale and her antiheroic film have become multi-year favourites with fantasy-lovers. None of the best fantasy lists would be completed with The Eye of the World. Whereas there was an pre-Jordan fantasy, some argued that it only became truly epic with the eye of the world.

This opening novel, which marks the beginning of a mass multi-volume narrative, features several fantasy favourites, all playing against the background of a wide and original universe. Of course, The Fellowship of the Ring is a piece of cake, but it's on the best fantasy novel ever written, but it's there for a good cause.

Tolkien's Tolkien is a masterpiece of the process of creating the world: a perfectly synthesized blend of Western legend and individual visions, which becomes more and more important with each work. Game of Thrones is the novel that put fantasy on the shelves - and TV monitors - of an audiences that may never have thought of themselves as a fan of the genre. What's more, it's a novel that brings fantasy to the attention of the public.

Combining the intrigues and battles of the Rose War with psychic items such as drakes, zoombies and hexes, A Game of Thrones and its installments will certainly be considered one of the great fantasy stories of the story. Just like George R. R. R. Martin's A Song of Ice and Fire, the great fantasy poem that begins with Gardens of the Moon is a wall carpet of gray tones.

No cartoon Good Guys and Bad Guys can be found in this story about Imperium andgeiz. Gardens of the Moon tastes are likely to trigger a famine that can only be quenched by looking at the following nine books. Nowadays it can be difficult to find a satisfactory independent fantasy novel, but this is my suggestion.

It is half a fantasy of manner, half a squad of courtiers, and it is a pleasure to see Maia, our unwilling but capable female character, steer his new responsibilities at first. There is no shortlist that would rival His Dark Materials, one of the best young grown-up imaginations available, which is perfectly for the grown-up. When this novel was published in 2013 I was reading it and I still think about it at least once a week five years later.

Fantasy story, awarded the Fog Prize, is a silk sport feat. Filled with intrigues of politics, dirigibles and richly designed personalities, this guide will take you on an unbelievable voyage. An infantile classics of comical fantasy and bizarre adventures: a group of cops discovers an bewitched cousin who fulfills desires - but only half of them.

It is a joy and a darling and a flawless follower of the books of E. Nesbit. Undoubtedly the most powerful fantasy novel and the most powerful serial of... well, ever. Once a novel becomes so beloved, the heritage of culture can make it difficult to recall what made the text so attractive, but all you have to do is dive back into the witch's rock to be remembered for its magical power.

Novik's Temeraire books take the conduct of the war of the dragons back to Napoleonic times. This nine-part fantasy show is a beautiful, far-reaching, alternative fantasy, both well investigated and beautifully commented. Whilst Lord of the Rings is one of the most important books of the fantasy generation, it all began with The Hobbit, a novel that showed kids that there really is magics and sometimes the most humble character can wear them in his bag.

The charming story will remain charming for the next few hundred years. And Howard did many novels about this travelling soldier, but only one novel: The story finds Conan, now middle-aged and emperor of a great Empire, under threat of a plot to release him - one that includes an old demon-presence.

Jade City follows competing factions that fight with weapons, gloves and spells, and plunges the reader into an unbelievably filled cosmos that sets itself apart from some of the most beautiful fantasy world. and is beautifully spelled. He follows a young African girl from the 1970s who is taken to Maryland in California to rescue the child of a slave owner, and while it is a guesswork piece, his crude depiction of the lifestyles of US slave owners is deeply embedded in a kind of realisticism that makes the reader think of the novel long after the last page is reached.

That show's so full of lush lingo, you never want to go back. Don't let the voluptuousness of the novel scare you away; the complexity of creating the universe and the artistic conspiracy make this fantasy one of the best out there. Whereas initial contacts tended to come under the heading of sci-fi rather than sci-fi, Lagoon contained a mix of spectacular features that eventually weaved a narrative that turned much more to the fantastical.

As Patrick Rothfuss says best: "The last unicorn is the best unicorn I' ve ever reread. You' ve got to reread it. And if you've already done it, you'll have to do it again. "It is a magic reading, a fairytale and yet not, a fairytale that is full of the accuracy of a masterful story telling at the peak of its creation.

The Beagle has composed a classical, perfectly for every age. Widespread as one of the best imaginations alongside The Name of the Wind and A Game of Thrones, Lynch has recreated one of the most intricate character in Locke Lamora. It'?s a must. The Inkling C. S. Lewis's series Chronicles of Narnia begins with The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe, a fantasy gateway found by a group of British kids in a magic country of speaking creatures and fairies.

Add a little Santa Claus, an ice-cream lady, and lots of sweets and you have the recipes for a fantasy novel that has inspired generation after generation of kids - and grown-ups! Chrestomanci is a charming introduction to a multi-world world, and Christopher Chant, of the same name, is a nine life young man who can journey between these world.

This is a basic story based on a fantasy story, but also one with one of the first great antiheroes. In Midkemia, Apprentice introduces the reader to a fully-fledged fantasy situation based on the author's own Dungeon & Dragons ad campaigns. The story of a simple child abandoned with a great magic purpose is as classical as a fantasy story as it can be, and it is the gate to a vast world of Midkemia fiction.

Don't worry about that now, because it doesn't really do the originality of Grossman's story of sorcery, parallels and the problems of young maturity justice. What's more, it doesn't really do that. One of the first books by Mercedes Lackey, Magic's Pawn is a great way to enter her rich imaginary Valdemar world. You can' miss Brandon Sanderson's Mistborn show.

Arthur's legendary has always been a fruitful soil for contemporary story-tellers, but Bradley succeeded in writing probably the most important episode in his two thousand years - the story narrated through the gaze of the mighty woman behind the crown. It' s a notable accomplishment, a necessary reading like Dune or The Lord of the Rings.

Featuring a fantasy cartoon about a female obsessed with a creature, Liu and Takeda's novel is a modern cartoon featuring a world view based on East and Middle Asia and a complex art-deco artistic approach. Okay, this is a children's novel - but it's a classics. Hearing the saga of a little kite held captive on a distant isle, young Elmer embarks on a quest to free the kite, encountering unbelievable landmarks and beasts.

Unsurpassed charm ing and iconoclastic in its illustration. Jessica finds the first of Due's African Immortals books caught in a perilous confusion she never asked for when she finds that her new man, David, is a member of an eternal cult whose infinite life comes at a horrible cost.

It is a powerful work of contemporary fantasy that pulls its hook and never lets go. The tale of a man dragged into a wood that is bigger than without him is followed by live folk archeotypes known as "mythagos". Holdstock's novel leads the fantasy novel into a profound psychological realm.

Whilst the history itself has all the clichés and trophies that make up the high fantasy, Rothfuss has succeeded in writing an exciting history with nice words for writing and music. Deserted when his folks are murdered by the Chandrians, Kvothe recounts the history of his ascent from the Taribik roads to university and beyond as he searches for the paths of avenging.

This is one of the most important books of the last 25 years. Character and storyline are beautifully portrayed, but it is the show itself that will pull you into this fascinating story. From the Flat Earth, probably Tanith Lee's most beloved episode, is loose founded on the Arabian Nights - this universe of daemons, deities and humans is still a real treasury to reading forty years later.

T.H. White's classical story is a basic outfit for every fantasy fan and follows the voyage of a little lad called Wart, who grew up from Merlin's student to Arthur, the King of Britons. As an independent classical author, the fantastic facets of one hundred years of loneliness are rather eclipsed by the awards she (rightly) receives in literature.

This is the story that started the TV show Phoenomon. Valent's Catherynne Prosa is a constant miracle, and her books are infinitely inventive. It is a novel that showed the whole planet how strange and wonderful fantasy can be. Packed with wonderfully diverse personalities and full of science, the magical writing Mieville uses is unique in this game.

This is an astonishing story for those who adore the spoken words. Fantasy genres are developing all the time. Adventure, romanticism, revenge, sword fights - everything in Goldman's comic " shortened " fairytale is the basis of what the reader is looking for in a fantasy. This novel also acted as the starting point for the eponymous iconic work.

Don't let the covers deceive you - that's high fantasy, but high fantasy with a post-apocalyptic touch. Humorous and extraordinarily well realised urbane fantasy with one of the most fresh characters I have met in the recent past. In Rosemary and Rue, fantasy legends of October Daye, a half-human half-fae girl who has returned to the eternal realm through a horrible homicide, are traced.

MacGuire is a productive writer, so if you like Toby Daye, you have a dozen more books to collect next. This is one of the first and best samples of our imagination. It' a true champion of obscure fantasy. Sabriel is on the prowl for her lost Abhorsen dad in Buch eins and has to put the critters of the deceased on the ground with the help of a sentence of necromancer bell and a mighty speaking catch.

When you are looking for pride & prejudice hits fantasy, this is the story for you. Within the framework of the fantasy generation, urbane fantasy has become a major focus of the readers. Many people have described it as a iconic landmark, and for good reasons. With The Dying Earth, Jack Vance has virtually created his own genre: a story line that leads million of years into the world.

Ahmed' s novel is an independent fantasy novel, Magnum-Opus, which is strongly anchored in Arabian folk music. Tigana is the place to be when it comes to masterpieces of independent fantasy-fiction. Here Kay is versed in story telling, magics, politics as well as the intricate and stunning character pervading epic tales. It' s generally regarded as his best novel - though I think some of his other books are up there too.

Dickinson says: "I see this work as a kind of red tape that makes it seem like a genuine train - but believe me, Dickinson says every political shift in the economy is like a push of adrenaline. One of the first works of urbane fantasy, Emma Bull's War for the Oaks turned the vague mediaeval fantasy of Europe upside down and instead offered a gravelly urbane environment.

Throughout this story, the story of Eddi McCandry, a rocking actress, looks bleak until she gets involved in a secret battle between the fairy tribes of Minneapolis. Who' d have thought this rabbit pile story would get so important? However, it did, an immediate and timeless classics for all age groups.

It' a story of adventures, bravery and surviving that follows a group of very unique beings on their escape from human invasion and the safe demolition of their home. Lots of literal significance for this one and a nice reading anyway. Don't miss Juliet Marillier's lush fantasy stories.

Whilst you could begin with your celebrated Sevenwaters trilogy (Book One is Daughter of the Forest), a better starting point is your charming, independent novel Wildwood Dancing. Here's a list of the most popular novels you'll ever read. Drawing loose from the fairytale "The 12 Dance Princesses", the plot is set in the forests of Transylvania and follows the young Jenaer and his daughters, who deal with magics, romance and sinister motivation.

The Wizard and Glass narrates the history of Roland's teenage years, a previous history of his girlfriends throwing guns and how his decisions influenced many different cultures at once. Described by many as the best Dark Tower novel, it is also an independent and one of the most important books of the genre. What's more, it's also a great place to read a book about the Dark Tower.

In many ways, Ursula K. Le Guins' A Wizard of Earthsea was a ground-breaking novel, including the portrayal of colored men as fantasy characters. Moreover, it is only a great reading that interprets the Wizard Trainee Trumpet in a new and thrilling way. As many other great works of young adults' literary work, A Wizard of Earthsea has much to provide for the reader of all age.

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