Farm Harness

Trapezoid Farm

Supreme Synthetics Farm Harness is equipped with stainless steel hardware and spots as well as black or stainless steel pipe hooks. A good farmer knows this and makes sure that no wounds occur. Hames and Harness Fitting collar.

work belts Options:

Every harness is handcrafted with high grade material and love for detail. Our work harness is engineered for stability and longevity and is suitable for all jobs you can imagine. The harness is conceived in such a way that it is sure to sit well. We' ve been selling this harness for more than 20 years without any problem.

The Mini is only available in Brahma Web. Brahma-Web or bioplastics are recommended for service life and easy service. The harness is available in pairs or individually. #520 farm hones stainless school. No crupper straps are included in the harness as an optional extra.

Workware options: hades: hames: horse and design size - upgrading to high-grade steal or cured ham, please buy the hones upgrading-packet. please specify your preferences for mini or small size poni powder coated hams or rust-free hams in the customers' comentaries. thE SIZES DO NOT GIVE A PRIZE DIFFERENCE IN THESE SIZES.

THE FIRST IMAGE IN THE GALLERY IS AN IMAGE OF THE VSE TABLEWARE. Use the CareFree or FeatherFlex collars for this harness. Every dish is tailored to the particular needs and sizes of the pet. For more information please order from VSE, Horse, Draft.

If so, please give us the dimensions and information about your saddle so that we can ship the right harness to you. VSE: Mini A, B, C, Mini Donkey/Maultier, Shetland, Small Pony or Donkey, Horse:

The Hitch'n Hitch - Farm Harness

The No. 1 Farm Harness is conceived as a handy workhorse harness. This is the pinnacle of our effort to create a harness that is comfy, long lasting, appealing and economical. No. 1 Farm Harness has been tried on our Harness since 1982 and has good hold, easy cleaning, is extremely lightweight (26 lb. each with ham) and does not rub.

Lightweight and strong, this harness is the ideal companion for mid-range work, workout and stallion foal breakage. No. 1 Farm Harness is made of polypropylen and woven fabric, sewn twice with 2 to 5 plies per band (depending on the position of the band and the anticipated load level).

Comes with No. 500 farm ham, harness, and your selection of equipment, harness bit (straight or bridle), and Biothane line. They are available in all colours shown in the colour card on our trapezoidal construction page. One-harness harness contains a wagon mounting (wave straps, restraining bar & back padding).

For the No. 1 Farm Harness the following types and accessories are available. See Accessory Appendices and Harness Styles for information on these and more.

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