Fast Race Horses for Sale

Quick racehorses for sale

Cultivated for speed and intellect. Racing Stables Roe Gordon The Dash N Kool brings Raul Ramirez Jr. to a simple victory over Lady's Fast Fast cash while at the same doing a 94-speed index. At Jollas Privat Jet, we run a 95-speed index in a car race that records the quickest race of the afternoon with Alfonso Lujan in the iron. Both Heza Swingin Cartel and Randy Edison, a veteran jockey, won a 3/4 length victory over Kute N Kwik, who recorded a 96-gear index.

Overkey Dokey Jess contributes the leader Raul Ramirez Jr. to an easier victory at the Louisiana Downs with the quickest lap times of the afternoon on January 13. Conic Eye #5 comes a poor breaking point to achieve an easy victory in Remington Park on 3/12/15! In The Big East #6 brings a compelling victory over Knockout The Fire and Okey Dokey Jess at Remington Park.

Kool Ketch #10 Okeydokey #10 won wireless in a 250-yard race in Remington Parkon on 28.03.15. That would give an excellent chance for a matched race! The sweet Lady Corona carries Jockey Omar Reyes to an unpretentious victory in Remington Park with the quickest lap of the night. With Raul Ramirez Jr. in the iron, the quickest period of the afternoon in Louisiana Downs on January 20, 2015 is running.

In her Black-Gold Futurity trials, which will light up the boards for the fourth race in a row, Lotus Bling will outdo them all! Jan in Remington Park, where windsurfers Rabbits Fly, Pappasinthehouse and Painted Dreams run. Kick The Habit shows his performance with a winning victory over the subsidized horses "Real cash Man" and "Valiant Prince" in Remington Park.

Knckout The Fire Daylights relies on the winning and winning champion of the Phizer Claims Challenge 2013 at Remington Park, winning and holding success story legend Vin Rabbits fly. Practicing at Remington Park. Shawnee Dreams takes his third victory by setting up a hard entourage of grant horses in daylight at Hialeah Race Park! Train now at Remington Park.

Zoom For Love #1 struggles fiercely to defeat Remington Park and has a 96-gear index that raises his winnings to over $69,000. Practicing at Remington Park. On 29 June 2013, Mooch will drive with Luis Vivanco at the helm to a simple victory in Retama Park.

His fifth victory at Remington Park on 13 May 2013 will be for Hiclass Fly as he won a subsidy race and took the quickest lap of the day with James Flores! RACING PERSPECTIVE!!!!!!!! The Ivory Diva takes her third victory in a year and rides 250 yards on a slippery course at Will Rogers Downs, where she runs a half-length Pure D Spit.

Instant familiy of the winner of the REMINGTON PARK FUTURITY "LOTA PYC" Runnin For Your Life winner Runnin Places third in the Lady Bugs Moon Stakes at Remington Park and records a 98 index! On 8 September 2013 Zevi Powered wins in Will Rogers Downs with the quickest lap of the match and Ivan Carnero in the iron.

Cody Jenson and Cascada B will race at Remington Park on April 4, 2013 for a simple gain in a $15,000 race. It was the first race after the assertion of coach John Stinebaugh on 15/03/13. On September 28, 2012 in Will Rogers Cup, Will Rogers, Catchin Kisses won a $10,000 reclamation race with Larry Payne as normal driver and a 95cc index!

The second consecutive victory of a $7,500 race at Prairie Meadows with a 89 percent index on September 22, 2012, went to fly by Alibi! Eyes Runinaway set a 2 year old course recordĀ  on January 15th 2012 in Hialeah Park at 19:45 hrs. He recorded a 101 km/h index and won 4 1/2 laps with Alex in the iron.

On 27 January 2013 Sea Hunt wins at Hialeah Park at 350 metres altitude. "Take Off Dutch" goes down the track at Will Rogers Downs and goes 400yards on Augustin Silva, who records a 101 velocity index. "THAT FAST ENOUGH FOR YOU? "all american futurity/derby" checkout chase completely destroyed a hard 10-horse pony box on September 14, 2012, and won with almost 3 length over 330 yards in 16:78 and recorded a 96 velocity index!

"Valiant Crossbow wins 250 yards and defeats a 10-horse arena at Will Rogers Downs in the third race on October 5! Unantelajess cruise to a simple triumph under a cruise by Ricky Ramirez in Remington Park on March 10, 2012.

With Ginnin Blaze burrowing in to take home victories in a hard $15,000 race on Prairie Meadows racing 250yards in 13:27 for a 99s pace index, the race is set to be a big success. The Eye Of The Bull takes his fourth ever careers triumph at Remington Park against Checkuponit and Wr Okie Smoker. The Deans A List won with 8 laps and goes 870 in 45:21 under a manual drive by Tad Leggett.

Russian leaders set the quickest qualification times in the Kansas Jackpot Futurity stages with Stormy Smith's lead rider's legs in the Dashboard. At sunset Fishin beats Pure D Gold Jr., SI-108, Wheely Fast, SI-109 and Treis of Romance, SI-107 in Remington Park with Berkley Packard on board. Will Rogers Downs victory on September 9, 2011 with G.R. Carter in the iron, the lead driver who records a 103-speed index, goes to Betsy's best game.

phone charger gets his third victory, an admission race at Sunland Park with jockey Freddy Martinez in the iron who take in a 102 SI. Corona's Sweet Down wins against $10,000 Claimer who put 330 yards in the iron with Tad Leggett and record a 99 velocity index for the quickest lap of the match.

JB Badtothebone forgets his ninth professional victory on May 6, 2011 with a 101 velocity index! Austin Allaboard makes it simple for you as you defeat $10,000 claims in Prairie Meadows at 101 speeds in full sunlight! Pur D Gold Jr. takes his seventh victory on the Remington Park Race Track, conquering a massive peloton of $10,000 spectators.

Excellent Match Race Prospect!!!!!!!!! Will Rogers Downs set a new success rate with My Best of Six on November 6, driving 110yrs in 6:92 and capturing a 105 velocity index! The Bye Bye Bye Hes Gone will run 300yards at 3:37pm on September 24 at Prairie Meadows and get a 103 velocity index with Jarrod Dechamp in the iron.

On 23 October 2010, he and Kenny Muntz will cross the finishing line alone and set a new Rekord at Will Rogers Downs. In 2010, Cc Toasting Warrior will run another big race on the Remington Park Race Tracks and claim his fifth ever race victory. The Lotta Bang Too drives the quickest clock of the day on June 6 on Fair Meadows and drives 250 yards in 13:23 for a 98 index.

Only Cuz Ima Corona will run 250 yards at 13:18 in Ruidoso on July 17, 2010. RACING PERSPECTIVE!!!!!!! Mr. Jess Legacy (#9) won the 2009 Remington Park test after having achieved the quickest qualification times in the competitions. Rey's Oak Tree (#4) buries himself in the ground and hits $10,000 on the Remington Park Race Track.

Skiip Dash N Run won by 3 laps against a strong horse peloton in Louisiana Downs on 21 February 2010 with 250 yards at 13:25. In the Sam Houston Race Park with David Alvarez on board Annie Oak Tree (#8) occupies a narrow second place! On April 23, 2010 Six Magnums won his ninth carreer at Remington Park with Tommy Byrd.

Rapida Red Perry won a subsidy race in Sam Houston with John Hamilton on top. The Buduino won the race on October 8 at Lone Star Park against Cash On Line (SI-107), Nacona Mafia (SI-100) and Sam Houston Futurity winners Checks Kathy (SI-98). WINNERS IN THE HOME, SAM HOUSTON, DELTA & EVANGELISATION!

Hawk won a $23,000 grant in Remington Park on April 30, 2009 in full sunlight and runs 250 yards in a very fast 13:37 for a 96 speed index. On October 2, 2009, my Strekin Jet #4 and Ricky Ramirez came in first at Lone Star Park for their second victory in just 4 outcomes.

Shazoom Gone beats a hard $10,000 crowd in Lone Star Park that runs the quickest day of the day! On Mondays, Jody #7 burrows in to claim her third victory at the 2009 Remington Park Quarter Horse Meet. Get There #5 and Cody Jenson do it after a long pause close to the line to get third at Remington Park on 1 May 2009.

May Winter Hotdog reaches the finishing line on 26 April in Remington Park with Cody Jeson on board. MacGuigan won a $10,000 race at Sam Houston Race Park. The Mines Hot (red wrapping) comes with a rude interruption to bring things closer at the Remington Park wires. On August 7, 2008 Minit Man #9 finished second in the Sam Houston Race Park.

The Panther Shootist slightly beats a good box of grant horses to achieve one of his 4 careers victories. GROSSARGE MATCHRACE-PERSPEKTIVE!!!!!!!!! On November 29, at Lone Star Park, Emerirates claimed their second victory in a row. Vasup L:ittle Doc gets his eighth Blue Ribbon Downs careers and a 96 speed index.

On 22.08.08 Ali The Great won in the Sam Houston Race Park in full sunlight. The Aggie Oak is running 300 yards in 15:39 for a 101 speed index. That was the second "101" Speed Index at 300 meters for this fast Gelding. "Glass of Cash" OAK TREE SPECIAL TREE SPECIAL won its tenth race by 4 laps on August 7 at Sam Houston Race Park with Russel Hadley, get up!

Eight hundred and seventy horses!!!!!!! On 16 October Shawneshazoom defeated a 10-horse peloton of well drawn two-year-olds at Lone Star Park. Jesus Western first crossed the line on November 14th in Lone Star Park and drove a 92 km/h mark. The High Flyin Playboy won an Allowance race at Remington Park with a 96 velocity index to drive the quickest race lap of the day.

With Roy Baldillez on top, let's win some pocket money for the quickest period of the day at Lone Star Park on October 17. The Love Ta Shakem destroyed a $20,000 heroic deed in Lone Star Park with a 104 speed index. John's Party Boy slightly won at Remington Park with a 94 speed index.

On October 19, Six Moons Streaking won at Lone Star Park with a length of 1/2. "Boda Bang" won on October 17th at the Lone Star Park with 550 points and warns of a 99 Speed Index. FIVE HUNDRED AND FIFTY EIGHTY HORSES! On May 25, 2007 Shazbam made it into the winner's group for the second consecutive year at Remington Park.

Do Right shows his strength by winning a full-length 12 horses on Fair Meadows. The Okey Country won May 5 at Remington Park and goes to 350 Yards. Oklahoma accredited bread!!!! at Remington Park with a 90 speed index. On 22.4.07 Half Brother to the "Red Hot" ran at 15:22 o'clock on 300 Yards for a new Remington Park song release.

On 16 March 2007 Kwik Kokopelli defeated 15,000 Dollar Claimers in Remington Park. to get a 97 velocity index. Outstanding Match Race perspective! At the Louisiana Downs on 3 February, Valentinos Jewel won and goes 250yards in 1:44pm and gets a 96sp index for the quickest times of the match.

EXCELLENT MATCH-HORSE-PERSPECTIVE! 1st At Speed beats Dad Said No, SI-102 and Dash N Corona, SI-101 on 11.3.06 at Lone Star Park and goes 250 miles. May 26, 2006, Remington Park. Eight hundred and seventy horses! Stylin beats $10,000 claimers in 15:58 minutes, 300 cards for a 97 speed index.

The Lone Star Park. Unbeaten as matchfighter! On the right is Jess Katen for a canter with Take That in February at Lone Star Park. Texas Classic Futurity on December 2nd, 2006! Sam Houston with 250 yards. It was the most formal victory of any Quarter Horses breed in Texas in the annals of sportsmanship.

Enemy education in Lone Star Park. Three hundred yards in 15:52 for a 98 o'clock index. Week later, he finishes second in Futurity Consolation. 350-yard park at 5:64. Schake Em is digging himself in to beat a $10,000 crowd at Sam Houston Race Park. Chick's outlaw is 300 in Ruidoso at 15:38 and deserves a 103s.

Fantastic Match Horses Prospect!

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