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Our food selection ensures that we can feed everyone, from performance horses to leisure horses, from dogs to chickens! To place a delivery order, please call the store. Our choice of food ensures that we can feed everyone, from performance horses to leisure horses, from dogs to chickens! To place a delivery order, please call the store. Pastouras Los Alazanes is your local farm and feed retailer with locations in South Dallas, Balch Springs and Forest Hills, Texas.

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At Russell Feed & Supply we offer equine and cattle breeding equipment to take good charge of a wide range of animal needs. A range of equine and other farm animal feed, pasture and healthcare items. We at Russell Feed & Supply take caring about what you feed your pets; that's why we have feed from leading producers such as Purina Mills and Texas Animal Nutrition.

In our shops you will find the food you need to meet the particular dietary needs of your pets, as well as the feed, watering troughs and food to make your feed as economical and beneficial as possible. And at Russell Feed & Supply we want to help you keep your remudas, herds or sounders in good shape.

All you need for the animal's well-being, we carry everything you need, from dietary supplement, vaccine, dewormers, wounds and more. We have the right product for your animal's well-being, from top to toe! It is important for the wellbeing of your pets to have a tidy stable area.

The Russell Feed & Supply range includes a wide selection of livestock housing such as pails, pitchforks, shovels and more. There are also a wide range of litter materials, which include chips to keep your boxes fresh and tidy. To learn more about the trademarks that Russell Feed features, click on the icons below.

Horses for the elderly - both middle and old - can still lead a healthful, prolific existence if they receive the necessary attention..... Do I feed the right concentration for the lifestyles of my horses? Trekking horses in different phases of their... Does my stallion take in both food and food correctly, does he chew and swallow it?

Through the observation of your horses feeding on straw, weed,.....

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The horses are also exposed to additional stress from extreme weather conditions such as warmth and damp. In the hectic summers and competition seasons in particular, it is important that your horses do not overheat, remain sufficiently moisturised and remain stable even at high temperature. Hippiness is directly linked to the horse's overall wellbeing, as hey accounts for the lion's share of a horse's nutrition.

Find out which determinants can influence straw qualities and nutritional values. In order to take into consideration the nutritional variation, we test our components and fine-tune our recipes. Dr. Karen Davison of Purina® explains how Purina Tape gives you an exact indication of the exact mass of your horses. A great start for your livestock with Purina produce.

Hear the changes humans saw in their livestock by eating Purina Medal.

Hornflies have a considerable influence on the bovine sector. In this Purina Poultry Videotape, Hank Will, GRIT magazine journalist, will discuss how to get new youngsters off to a good flying start. That' s what this is about. From extravagant plumage to prolific eggs and from heat-tolerant bird to family-friendly races, there are tens of different types of game.

Here we give you hints for choosing your ideal partner for your bird. Connect Dr. Gordon Ballam, Purina Chicken Diet Specialist and Hank Will, Publisher, GRIT Magazine in our Raising Happy, Healthy Chicens videoseries. This issue tells you how the nutritional needs of your hens are changing with bird growth and what you need to look for in your feed to give your hens the nourishment they need at every age.

Birds selection hints for the exhibition with bird magician Keith Staggs.

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