Feeding Beet Pulp to Horses

Slice of beet to be fed to horses

Dry beet pulp is available in shredded or pellet form. As a digestible dietary fibre supplement, it is fed to horse fibres or animal feed, and dried beet pulp can be incorporated into high-quality horse feed as a source of digestible dietary fibres in order to significantly reduce the sugar and starch content of the feed. Are beet pulp a good supplement to the nutrition of my horse and if so, how can I feed it safely? "My horse has choked on Product X!

Four things you (probably) didn't know about beet pulp

There' a good chance you're comfortable with beet pulp. Sugarbeet residues used in the production of sugars are rich in easily digested fibre and a good resource for "safe" structured carbohydrate-based carbohydrates, making them a favourite food for horses throughout the whole nation and the whole planet. Beet pulp is directly out of the sack, dry and crushed - almost like tabacco - or compressed into firmellets.

However, as easily and easily as beet pulp can be fed, it has long been the object of myth and misunderstanding in the equestrian milieu. While some of these understandings are innocuous, others could result in beet pulp being unnecessarily excluded by the owner as part of a horse's nutrition or, vice versa, relying too much and for the incorrect reason.

So that this does not occur in your shed, we have put together three important facts about beet pulp. Have a look at them to make sure your equine gets the most out of this all-round forage. Facts 1: Beet pulp is a fibre that provides unparalleled dietary benefits.

Facts 2: Beet pulp contains very little sugars.

Fact 3: Beet pulp can help you to extend your range of grasses. The digestion system of a horsetail cannot work correctly without a fibre resource. That'?s where beet pulp comes in: This can replace-at least in part - and help you expand your stock until you can replenish it. For every ounce of food you take out of your food, put in one ounce of beet pulp.

He warns against "looking at" the right amount of beet pulp for feeding a horseman. "You have to sway the food, not just the shovel sizing. Turnip pulp is lightweight and downy. How much more than a pint of avocado pellet will a lamb's bread roll look like?"

Weighing out the ration quickly and precisely, Wagner added that she has a fishing scales in her feeding room so she can put up a can.

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