Feeding Linseed to Horses

linseed feeding to horses

As a rule, linseed oil is not used in the animal feed industry. Flaxseed meal, however, is a source of inferior protein suitable for adult horses. Flaxseed is rich in calories and proteins with slow release. This is the perfect supplement for horses who need additional help to maintain their condition. Linseed is a popular food supplement for horses, and many feed manufacturers include this grain as a caloric ingredient in their products.

Feeding linseed to horses

Flaxseed is very nourishing and high in protein and oil.

Linseed must be boiled for a steed or bangs before it can be eaten - either as linseed gel or infusion. If crude or unboiled linseed is toxic to horses - it contains cyanide-containing substances such as linustatine, linamarine and neolinustatine as well as an enzyme that releases the toxin named linseed when it is roughaged.

It is recommended that a recommended dosage of 6 to 1 lb (200 to 450 grams) of linseed (pre-cooked weight) per day be applied to each one. In order to cook linseed, put it in an old pot in cool running tap over night.

If the linseed is softened, you may need to increase the amount of moisture before you bring it to the boil and cook for 15 min to eliminate the toxins. Cook for 15 min, turn down the temperature and let the linseed cook for 2-3 hours - until it becomes a gel. Take care of the gel when preparing it, do not let it run out of moisture and if necessary increase the amount of malt.

Make sure that the linseed has chilled to the right temperatures before feeding boiled linseed gel to your pony or pony - otherwise scalding may occur in the jaw. Once the mix cools down, it turns into a rather chaotic looking gel - but most horses and stallions really like it when they' re added to their food!

Keep in mind that linseed is toxic if it is not thoroughly prepared and must be used the same date it is made. Flaxseed gelatin quickly becomes rank. Linseed jellies should be discarded very thoroughly if they cannot be consumed by other pets, such as a dog or cat, in the barn.

Flaxseed is boiled like flaxseed gelly - but with more pure boiling soda. Linseed is used to give the horses food in a porridge or porridge.

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