Feedlot Horses for Sale

eedlot Horses for sale

Locate horses that have been rescued from feeding areas or need to be rescued and send them for slaughter. It is imperative that these horses be adopted or rescued. Tart Heel Feedlot, Madison, North Carolina. The horse still belongs to the feed owner until the trademark examination is completed. AND THE CONTROL OF THE HORSES OR THE SALES FROM THE FEEDING PLACE.

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Every $12 member gets a casual number, you can buy as many Tribe licenses as you want. WHEN YOU CHOOSE and the mare you want is over $1,000, you simply buy the balance! When we get 200 affiliations, shipping is included. It would be great to get 250 seats and choose two veterinary and 2 week personal support and transfer for BOTH members!

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Auctions Nevada Rescue

Thank you to everyone who contributed to the funds. Last sale this past week, we saved six horses. On Tuesday mornings, the lorry and the large reserve system went to Nevada for sale. In Fallon over there, our emergency response crew passed the feeding area.

We began rescue work directly from this feeding ground in 2006. We' ve saved some of our impregnated broodmares and colts. It was only a by-product of the slaughtering industries and of no value for slaughtering. They said that they would deliver about 300 horses a week to Mexico and Canada. It belonged to a Canada abattoir, and all first-class horses were transported to that abattoir, and all thin, ill, impregnated and less coveted horses were sent to Mexico.

We worked hard in 2008 to draw as many horses as possible by connecting with people in other rescue services. This year we saved over 200 horses from the feed store and kept them away from transport to butchery! It was sad that the more horses we purchased from the feeding place, the more horses had to be saved, and the price continued to rise.

At the end of 2008 they wanted over $800 for each of the horses, although the price at sale was 5-26 europounds. It was our decision to stop financing the feeding area and to beat it directly at the bids to prevent the horses from ever going to the feeding area. In recent years we have mainly concentrated on California auctioning to protect these horses from ever crossing the frontier for butchering.

On this small estate in Fallon Nevada thousand and thousand of horses are spending their last few nights before embarking on the violent journey to Mexico or Canada to be butchered. The Fallon Livestock Exchange Auctions Court publishes the bulls' news, and horses are now 10-31 Cent per Pounds, subject to the horses height.

Feedlot buys horses for $100-$300, turns around and sells them for over $800, and uses the additional cash to get more horses. For us it is incomprehensible to enrich killers and feeding places by the purchase of horses at high costs. So why not just go to the sale and beat them?

Hopefully every weekend, we want to attend every sale and buy the horses so that they do not end up in the feeding area and are not taken to be slaughtered. Saving in Nevada, as you can see, is a little more expensive. Horses need to be put under quarantine, run a loggins test and do a bunch of red tape.

We' ve worked on a durable remedy and received an appropriate Nevada equine outpost. We' ve saved this wonderful filly that becomes a walloon after quarantining and paper work. And we saved that animal that should have been auctioned off if we hadn't taken it with us.

All horses have been securely transferred to their quarantining station and are awaiting their gears and papers to come in order. We' d like to thank everyone who donated for our sale. We' d like your input on how you are feeling about us going to Nevada to bid for horses that will no doubt go to be slaughtered if they are not saved.

It' s more expensive, but their life is at stake, either rescuing or slaughtering. It' the only opportunity for horses at Nevada cattle shows. In Nevada, the mindset is "If it's at the sale, there's a good one.

" Of course we will still save at the California auction, because these horses are only 2 hours away from Nevada and will be slaughtered.

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