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The reason I came to the Feller Pony is because they are a unique race and because they have a working story..... It is not nearly as threatened as when I purchased my first pony, but the old guy I like is indeed rarely within the race.

Also the work with a pony in a crockery or another pet becomes rarer and rarer in our worid. My aim is to use these stallions as they were in the past so that they can be enjoyed as a lively companion by coming generation. A number of different conservation policies for uncommon farm animals are suggested in the guide entitled Managing Breeds for a Secure Futures, edited by the American Live Stock Breeds Conservancy.

Several of these policies involve the comprehension of what a race is and where it comes from, the identification and study with expert growers, the support of breeding organisations, the identification and management of uncommon blood lines and the comprehension of the responsibility of the sire. I started working with seldom races in 1998, and since then I have been working as a grower. But it was only when I became interested in the Fell Pony that I began to research the other protection policies, starting with my fell pony society affiliation in 2000.

Study with a Meisterz├╝chterWho is a Meisterz├╝chter? He has an excellent grasp of the stocks and can see what is important in cultivation and why. You have a love for the race and are ready to hear and study from almost everyone. I' ve been lucky enough to be able to share a few of my travels to Cumbria with some of my masters.

I am also the main writer of the series'Breeder Profile' at The Fell Pony Express. Exchanging with all these breeder friends has been an immeasurable help in breeding the old coat guy I fell in with. I' m also co-founder of the Fell Pony Pedigree Information Service at raresteeds.com.

On the basis of the pedigree books of the Fell Pony Society, this information provides information about the pedigree of the Fell Pony and the level of breeding that can arise from certain mating of studs and broodmares. It will also help to locate uncommon blood lines within the race. Preserving the old Fellpony style has become a great pleasure and I am happy when people who know about the race notice the greatness and essence of my work.

As I know, studying these stallions will keep me busy for the remainder of my life, and I try to record what I am learning for coming generation in my work.

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