Fetlock Boots for Horses

ankle boots for horses

up to 5 must-have chord and ankle boots Anatomically shaped to avoid bruises and dual Velcro fasteners ensure a firm grip. Cuffs have a velcro fastener. Back on Track Tendon boots efficiently absorbs shocks and distributes shock for optimal shock-absorption. The Kevlar Airtechnology ankle boots are manufactured to the highest standards using the latest technologies and fabrics.

The dual dense shell provides external shelter, while Kevlar and impact resistant material coalesce to minimize the impact of shocks and blows. Ventilating Air-Teque is used on the inside of the shoe to avoid congestion in the thigh. Extending the line of Pro Jump and Young Jump boots to better protect your horse's restraints and cuffs.

Pro is particularly suited for horses that have a tendency to hit the fetlock bones of the opposite paw. All of the boots offer enhanced protection against crush and brush damage thanks to their elongated form, which is made of a specific anti-wear foil fabric and strengthened with polysteren.

Cuffs for horses by MikroPerformance

Our top-quality production helps you and your horses to be safe, competetive and satisfied.

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