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Horses should be neat ly neat, correctly groomed and correctly attached at the meeting point. Horseshoes should either be rivetted or boron plated as soon as cold conditions approach, to ensure sufficient friction on smooth surface. If necessary, none is necessary. However, Martingale are not suitable for hunting.

While some horses keep a nice bridle even when the hunt raises the adrenaline level, many need something more. Trusting the circle to stop a stallion causes a diversion and is above all a threat to others. Do not use synthetics or do not use saddle made of buckskin.

Bit, Dâs and fittings should all be brass or brass. Boys Hunt: In the puppy hunt in September and October, there is no difference in clothing between members who have been given colours and those who have not (or, incidentally, between the field, the master and the staff) received colours.

⢠Chopping coats are used by both men and women, primarily in woolweed or canvas, and in soil tones such as browns or greens. Coats should have three knobs that all remain knobbed during the hunting. It should be specially designed for driving with a fan; a traditional sport mantle is not an adequate replacement.

Depending on the location, the coat cloth's overall fabric weighs less. Men as well as men can easily carry a simple jersey and necktie, either a fly or a long necktie. Queens can use pied piper necklaces, either uni or with a cane necktie. When a cane necktie is used, it should be coloured and/or embossed, but not with a simple black or ivory shaft.

A gentleman can also be wearing a shooting gown and a necktie. Men have a 3â pure golden shaft needle, women a 2 1/2â golden shaft needle. Fashionable dress: Fashionable dress: ⢠Field boots in tan are the most suitable shoes for boy hunts, followed by boots in tan (without tan leathers or boots in polished leathers).

Boots with boots and boots or their variations are not suitable for adults on the shooting ground during the young shoot or the official seasons. Fashionable dress: A few chases allow boots in dark field. ⢠Normal Jagdstil hats should be used ( more about headwear under Formale Saison). Fashionable dress: Fashionable dress:

Sometimes you can see dark mittens, but they are prone to bleeding and can tarnish your hand. Each member of the field should be wearing a hunting-style helmet, which is designated as a rimmed hat covered with silkette. Seat belts are advised, and if the seat belt is fitted in this way, the seat belt should always remain locked during the game.

Fashionable dress: Only suitable collar clothing during the official seasons is a duly bound stick necktie in either crème or colour and protected with a simple golden needle (i.e. without badges, ornamentation, initials, etc.). We also recommend attaching the ends of the necktie to the top of the vest or your jacket with snap fasteners to ensure that the ends of the necktie do not run loose in the breeze under the jacket and hat.

Again men carry a 3â stick Pin, women a 2 1/2â stick PIN in golden. Fashionable dress: Glove used during the high seasons can be either light or light in colour, such as brunette or fullskin. Fashionable dress: Sometimes you can see them, but they are prone to bleeding and can tarnish your hand.

Waistcoats made of materials corresponding to the colour of the chase are only allowed in this area. Cloak: A cloak: Simple chase blazer in Oxcford or marine with a slit or mitre back, with simple knobs in blacks. Beaded or polished with grey cardigan, whit with mitre cloak. Boots: Simple (i.e. without uppers of grey leather) boots in red with garter straps.

Field boots with laces aren't right. Fashionable dress: Gummistiefel are sometimes to be seen, in particular with unfavorable Wetterbedingungen, provided that they correspond appropriately to the look of traditional boots in the hunt-style. Cloak: Blacks, oxfords or darks navies jackets or coats with blacks showing the problem. Gentlemen with their colours are allowed (but not required) to carry a crimson hunter's colour cloak on their collars and golden knobs marked with the hunter's crests.

One gentleman on the field should be wearing a ventilated three-button jacked. In order to become very technically advanced, the mantle of a field member should have round skirts, whereas master and hunter should be wearing mantle with square skirts. 3. But if you have a round or square skirt to pick from when choosing a new crimson mantle, select Round.

It is suitable for particular occasions such as opening meetings, dog blessings and New Year's Day. Carrying the scarlet is also right for a common meeting where hunting is the host's game. It is not advisable to carry the scarlet to a meeting where you are a visitor to another hunting event, unless the hunting party has prolonged the invitations for visitors to carry their colours.

Light blue or white is suitable for a normal huntinggjacket. Whiteness should be combined with crimson or a little ear skirt. Boots: Wooden boots with dark upper parts in dark leathers are the right choice for both dark and crimson cloaks. Simple boots are also good with dark boots, but not with crimson or mitred overcoats.

You wear stockings when you're wearin a blazer. Wear pantyhose when you're dressed in them. Field boots with laces are not accurate. Fashionable dress: As described above, boots are permitted on unfavourable weather conditions. A cylinder, however, can be carried with a crimson cloak or a dark mitre, especially on holidays such as Opening Meet and Blessing of the Hounds.

Bowlers are also accurate with a normal shawl robe. There is a cap ribbon in white, a cap ribbon in white and a cap ribbon in white. A cap ribbon in white is used with a cap ribbon in white, and a cap ribbon in white is used with a cap ribbon in white. Cloak: A cloak: Simple monochrome, oxide or deep marine cardigan with simple monochrome button.

Women without their colours can also carry a shadow belly (with simple knobs). Fashionable dress: Women can wore a mitre cloak. Boots: Simple buckskin boots (i.e. without boots in lacquered suede). Field boots with laces are not accurate. Gumboots, as described above, can be used. Bowlers can also be carried with a normal hunter's cloak.

Boots: Apparel boots in dark brown with boots in dark brown vinyl and stockings in dark brown vinyl. Field boots with laces are not accurate. Fashionable dress: Women with their colours can simply carry dark boots. Gumboots, as described above, can also be used. Bowlers with a cap string can also be carried with a normal hunter's cloak.

Fashionable dress: A certified protective helmet can be used. When a lady's head is long enough to be plaited and can then be put into the back of her cloak, this is also reasonable. A few master craftsmen demand that men with fur under their collars should carry a hairnet. Very little jewellery, if any, should be carried on the hunting ground and what is carried should be sober.

Hanging ears or lose straps that may get caught on knots or other items should not be used. ⢠Perfume/Cologne: Fragrance notes, especially hard to use, should not be used on a hunt date. Fashionable dress: Women can wear a bottle in a jacket bag or in a strap made of genuine hide and attached to the D-rings on the right back of the seat.

Fashionable dress: Even though it is likely that shooting will be stopped when it rains heavily, there are occasionally times when the sports take place, even when some rains fall. These are the dates when the master may decide to replace coat with raincoat. Assuming it is, the cardigan should be a rubberized MacIntosh with loops, a barbour or similar type, preferable in a darker, lighter or darker colour, and not have loosely woven items fluttering in the breeze.

Every other element of the clothing remains the same as on any other shooting event. When a horse's mahne is plaited, it should be done well. Junior riders wore teed coats, poddock boots and Jodhpur trousers both during the young shoot and in high seasons. ⢠On arrival: It is advisable to welcome the master before the beginning of the chase and to inform the sales representative of your attendance.

⢠Order in the field: It is a commonly accepted practice that members with their colours (or buttons) are allowed to drive in front of the field behind the Masters. It can be described as the right to colours or a right granted to those members who have not only been persistent and skilled fox hunters, but who have worked hard for some considerable period of times in the interest of hunting (see colour allocation).

That is not to say that a hunter member who has not yet been given colours cannot compete with those who have, but only proposes that, in the event of persecution, the normal hunter should make room for a coloured member. If the member cannot keep up with the herd during a pursuit, then the member has the right to go into an open field and move forward behind the champion, provided he does not disturb or obstruct the member with the colours or, in this case, another one.

Should a horseman refuse a vault, the horseman should move to the back of the line before making another try. Proper pursuit of a hunting mission is dependent on good communications between dogs, hunters and field foremen. Chattering between squares can divert the hunter and champion and affect the health of the game.

Any attempt to involve the field champion in a discussion, especially if he or she tries to supervise the dog work, should be particularly avoid. In the ideal case, everyone should come out with the intent to stay for the length of the hunting, no matter how long the days are. But there are certain situationsâ "lost shoes, paralyzed horses, injuries to the horseman, disease, etc.".

â "that makes it necessary to get in again while the chase is still in process. If such a scenario arises, the floor should be given to the captain or the sales representative so that they are informed of the sailing. ⢠Punctual arrival: The chase awaits no one. The dogs leave at the agreed upon point in advance and the chase begins immediately.

Certainly the unexpected obstacle hits all of us at some point, but everything should be done to get to the meeting and have enough free space for the assembly and departure on the field. It is not only impolite to be too late when everyone else has tried to be there on schedule, but also to ride through the shooting range to get to the field can cause trouble for the game.

Dogs can be diverted and a crash can happen if the field drives one way rough and meets a delayed member who drives the other way. Repetitive delays only show a disregard for the hunting as a whole and will not be accepted.

After arriving later and starting the chase, do not go into the countryside to find the field. Just hang around at the rendezvous point and when the hunting comes back this way, you can join in. As an alternative, if paved streets are available, continue driving, but remain on the streets until you find the field, and then carefully move toward it.

As soon as you have entered the field, the first duty is to apologise to the Teacher for your delay. ⢠Apology of a member from the field: Please note that the foremen and the honour aryman are authorised to release the drivers from the field if a sufficiently serious offence has been committed. 3.

Horseback rides are a prerogative, not a right. Even though seldom practiced, the authorities sit with the master and the foreign minister to deport a horseman home when he or she thinks it necessary. In addition to the land owners, we are also dependent on master craftsmen and hunters to enjoy the pleasure of a long period of time.

Hunting directors work tirelessly to give members the opportunity to track dogs, and nothing rejoices more to the hearts of a hunter or champion than looking to a well-developed field of horsemen who behave well. It shows the members' appreciation for their effort on the field, especially the hunter who spends long, tough working days giving members a few extra sports time.

Colour assignment criteria differ from hunter to hunter, in particular with regard to the duration of the membership. The following declaration of principle, however, which was adopted from a prestigious Virginia chase, is quite characteristic of what is expected: Colours are awarded by the Master Hunters at their own judgement to members who have made a significant commitment to the sporting heritage of the sport.

The members taken into consideration are those who have been hunting for at least three years on a regular basis, mainly with a springboard; who have been model, well dressed and on a well cared for horses; who have taken part in the hunting activity and helped to make it successful; and who have helped the hunting profession.

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