Field Toys for Horses

Toy for horses

Low cost toy for horses from Ride-away You can help your horses to get rid of bore and keep them entertained with our offer of toys that can be used in the stables or in the fields. No matter if your horses or ponies are in the stables for a longer duration or if you want to avoid being bored on the field, we have everything you need. In addition to the prevention of bore, delicacies can also be added that offer advantages such as additional vitamin and mineral supplements, but should be consumed in moderate amounts. Featuring well-known brand names like Shires, Roma and Likit in a wide range of styles, you are guaranteed to find the perfect present for your horses or ponies.

In addition to toy horses and goodies, we have an ample selection of stall gear, hay nets, pails and electrical fences to keep your farm going, all here at Ride-away Equestrian.

It' playtime: Toys for horses

Do you know that toys can help encourage playing with the herds, help with correct alimentation and diet, and make your workout enjoyable? Usually, toys and delicacies are associated with pictures of exaggerated, pampered people. A lot of horses can' t even think of a situation where their horses use (let alone need) a plaything of all kinds.

They' re horses, not hounds! That doesn't mean horses don't like to game. When you find yourself with a saddle that has too much instinct to move, a plaything can help take some of the stress from your playmates to keep them entertained. This kind of horses seems to especially like to be able to use these huge horseballs (like Yogaballs, but more robust) or a hard Jolly Ball with a grip they can grip - sometimes you even see two of them tugging!

They can also be used as exercise equipment for basic work, playing times and working in the saddle with your horses. Another kind of horses that often benefit from a little more amusement are those with limited participation or food. I' ve recently seen some imaginative new toys for horses that might need something to help them kill some of the excess or for those who need to keep their food a little longer.

Toy like the Likit Snack-A-Ball and Nose-It are conceived so that your horses have to work a little longer for their Snack. There are several advantages to these toys for your horse: cereal foods last longer, important for horses who like to devour their forage. They are also useful for horses with a tendency to choking or digestion problems.

You can take care of the maintenance of the horses in the pit peace, with restricted participation or with personal participation. You can give away rough fodder or dice of grass as a way of slowly fed horses and emulate the pasture behaviour of horses on a die. A toy can also be used as a piece of exercise equipment, and here you are restricted only by your own imaginations.

I have seen how they became very imaginative with things like big horseballs, skirting boards, tarpaulins, swimming pools pasta, banners, balloons, casks, doors, tires, skittles, dairy mugs, plastics bag, tula ironing... the possibilities are infinite! There is no need to compare toys with bad enjoyment for your horses. Toy can help a lucky, wholesome, well-behaved stable if properly handled, from promoting playing on the field, maintaining a relaxed stable, and enjoying exercise to helping with correct nutrition and indigestion.

Keep playin'!

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