Find a Racehorse

Finding a racehorse

Data records are NOT archived by tattoo number. To subscribe to monthly race passes, either register with PayPal or contact us to find out how to pay by direct debit. The race records of a horse can be a window in their heads.

On the traces of your horse's past

Jockey Club Information System's Equine Line offers you a wide range of family tree choices for your horses and/or a wide range of track record choices. This is the offical recording of your stallion. You have to enter the name of your racetrack to be able to order. Data sets are NOT archived by number.

And if you only have the number of your horse's testosterone, please see the section on testosterone research. When you don't have your horse's Jockey Club paperwork and don't know your horse's race name, you can still find out about your horse's story through his ink. Inside the top lips there is a small text.

Starts with a character of the alpha, followed by 5 numeric numbers. As an example, a 1991 sired stallion will have a wettoo starting with the character H followed by 5 numeric numbers. In 1992, a stallion conceived will have a wettoo starting with the letters 5, followed by 5 numeric numbers and so on.

Numeric numbers are the last 5 numbers of your horse's Jockey Club registry paper. If your stallion does not have a wettoe, your stallion did not run on a para-mutuel course. That does not mean that your stallion was not on the course and had no racing practice inclusive of time work.

A variety of conditions (illness, injuries, missing resources for further practice, loss of owner's life, etc.) could have stopped your dog from ever being admitted to his first racing in full racing education so that he left the course without being given a tattoo. Use a torch and perhaps your vet to help you note the letters and 5 numbers of the ink as well as possible.

Jockey Club Information Systems provides research on tattoos for a small charge. As soon as you have your horse's name, you can receive his order and/or family tree. To learn more about receiving research on tattoos, please go to their website or call them on the telephone. No matter whether you want a winner image or a videotape of your horse's winner event, you must first have the following information: name of the event, route on which the victory took place, date of victory and the starting number of that date.

On the title page of your horse's Jockey Club race documents you will find a list of all winnings during your horse's race-carreer. On the Jockey Club paper only WinS are mentioned. Equines make cash for placing 4th, so even with little or no victory, your equine could still have made cash during the race.

Unless you have the Jockey Club documents, but have done a research on tattoos and have a copy of your horse's racing documentation, you can get this information from this documentation, provided it is the Jockey Club details file with data, course shortcuts, etc. When you know a shortcut to a song, but still don't know which song it is, you can find an explication of the shortcuts at

In order to receive a copy of the winning photo of your stallion, you must call the route where the prize was taken and ask for the route photo. Give them the date, the name of your stallion and, if possible, the number of the event for that date. In order to receive a copy of your horse's winning videotape, you must also call the route where the winning took place and ask to talk to the videocompany.

Give them the date, the name of your stallion and, if possible, the number of the event for that date. When your stallion has never won a single event, but his records show that he came in first, second or even third with a very narrow lead (nose, throat, even length), you can still get a photo of him in play by purchasing the winning image of the stallion who wins DID!

You' ll see how good your steed is at gambling. Sometimes, whether your stallion was outside or inside, you can see your stallion even better than the winning stallion! For example, if the winning rider is at the railing and your steed was on the outside of the railing, your steed is more easily seen by the cameras than the winning rider.

When you do this, make sure you ask the tracking artist not to give you a SLIT SCREEN PHOTOGRAPH. So why was half your picture taken with a foreign horse's winning circular shoot? Winning second or even third place "pictures" of your pony are still pretty exciting to own, but keep in mind this will only work in a tight running and hopefully with your pony in the outpost.

To get a copy of such a photo, see Win Pictures and Racing Win Videos for directions. When your pony has never won a single event and has never been placed in a single event, you can still buy a full videotape of his whole event. The name of the course, the date of the event, the name of your stallion and especially the event it was on that date are required.

He may not have won, but it's certainly thrilling to see the speaker call your horse's location as they breach from the goal and pass the finishing line! For a copy of a race movie, read the instruction under Windows Pictures and Windows Race Videos.

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