Find me a Horse

You find me a horse

They can advertise your horse or your horse also free of charge. If you find horses that are near you, use the latest mapping technology to help you find the horse idea. Many trustworthy contacts at home and abroad make it easier for me to find your next dressage partner. Many aspects of horse care exist. Please enter at least two characters and press ENTER.

Can you find me a horse?

Many trustworthy national and international partners make it easier for me to find your nearest training partners. No matter what your budgets may be, we can arrange everything for you to view the chosen horse to hotel and tour, whether it' s basic or ex-persion. Here a few words from our satisfied customers: 2 years ago I made the decision to look for a young and gifted horse.

I' asked everyone I knew in the training community, but Rob Waine was the one who was the trump card. There were many beautiful ponies for me, almost all of which I wanted to buy, but obviously I could only have one. I am now the proud proprietor of a beautiful horse that fits my temper, my rideability, my height etc. very well.

I am so lucky and I have the feeling that I can never compensate Rob for his work. He has an unbelievable ability to connect the right horse with the right people. He is a kind and open-minded man, which means you can enjoy asking him to find you a horse, no matter how low or high your price.

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