Find your Horse

Find your horse

While you are at the Reithotel El Jou we can help you to find your pure Spanish breeding. Time, care and patience will be needed to find a new environment where your horse will not only feel comfortable and safe, but also thrive. how can I find my horse or call it back?

Recently I have found that my horse is more of a nuisance to use than an advantage. But maybe I'm lacking something that could solve it - or maybe it's the gameplay that misses it. The first is that you can't wrestle on a horse.

Okay, I admit this is a play limit and we have to deal with it. There are often moments when I get off my horse to fight or maybe discover something in the area that I have noticed. Then I will find out in the course of the nature occurrences shortly: I am too far away from my horse, in too many strange ways to quickly find my way back.

Something was attacking or scaring the horse in some other way so that it could wander from where I had let it. Then in both cases I'm skipped in the midst of nowhere (a descriptive phrase that probably matches 85% of the Skyrim country ), and often I was on my way to a place from which I don't have a quick travel spot close by from which I can hop to get there.

Wandering around hopelessly, hoping to come across my horse. Quickly travel to the closest available place (which may not really be that close) and begin my journey again with my horse, which is then magic near the teleport. Put a horse trackers on my compass. Is this the feature I'm lacking, or the feature the gameplay is lacking?

Finding your horse - D&L Powerphorses

Our aim is to help you find a horse that meets your needs, matches your equestrian lifestyle and establishes a long and successful relationship. In order to achieve this objective, we can supply a wide variety of services: We come to you to see prospective horse, to give our opinions and our advise. We organize the transportation to take your new horse home!

Pricing varies according to the performance required. Gladly we work on provision base or calculate per achievement.

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