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Bensenville, Illinois: The Finish Line - Bicycle lubricants and care products We at Finish Line are proud to be "The Lube Experts" for the cycling industy. Since the beginning, back in 1988, Finish Line has developed all its own products. Featuring expert cyclist and mechanic response and specialist stores around the globe, Finish Line is able to ensure that its products operate at a standard that will not let even the most discerning cyclist down.

The Finish Line has everything a biker needs to take good care off his cycle and make sure it does its best. Products include cycle track lubrication, powertrain degreasing, cycle washers, special toothbrushes, track cleaners, fluorescent grease, special mounting and braking fluid, and more.

Find out more about our expanding range of cycle lubrication and grooming products. Participate in our online community choices, we pledge not to overwhelm you while giving you interesting business information, insight, and the latest cycling advice. Finish Line is passionate about making products that improve your cycling experience and prolong the service lifetime of your cycle!

The Finish Line - Bicycle lubricants and care products

The Finish Line's Drylube continues damp with a waxy surface of water and a protective layer of plastic that keeps your necklace cleaner by not taking up too much sand, dirt or dirt. Finish Line's Teflon® Fluorpolymer added to the DRY Lube reduces pedalling rubbing, rejects humidity, and can withstand up to 100 mph.

Lube LET is typical designed for harsh use. Finish Line's toughest, most durable and hydrophobic lube is available in different versions. It remains moist and humid to ensure smooth powertrain operation, ultra silent driving and superior corrosion resistance in the toughest driving situations. The Finish Line Lube is applied damp, but with a firm, dried, super smooth layer of colour.

No oil or grease is present in your product to draw or retain soiling. Adding Molybdän into the Finish Line lubricating oil improves the lubricating properties and extends the lubricating time. The drive train remains almost free of impurities and feels neat and tidy. It is not usually necessary to rinse before, but application of DRY or WET is more frequent than application of Lube.

The Finish Line's 1 - 1983 was developed for riders looking for a fast, single-stage cleaning and lubricating formula. By rinsing out old impurities and lubricants, 1- Schritt will leave a cleaner new layer of low-friction lubricating oil. If you' re on the move, 1- Speed is the ideal way to maintain the powertrain of your bike. The Ceramic Wet Line is the most progressive and efficient race lubrication from Finish Line.

A fully synthesized liquid lube that forms a vitrified layer on friction surface, resulting in smoother, longer interval and a smooth running track that will make you feel the difference. What's more, you'll feel the same when you're using this fully synthesized lube. Vitamic Wet's extremely long life is guaranteed even in damp climates. Even though more costly than most lubricants, Vitamic wet provides more mileage per use, often over 175 mile.

The Finish Line's Ceramic Bearing Gel is an innovative wax-based cycle track cleaner that guarantees complete driveline cleanness without the compromises required by other types of grease. The Ceramic Composite was even used by one of Finish Line's World Tour racing crews for 120 nautical miles racing in arid conditions. The Ceramic Composite Gel is the ideal solution for serious riders who want to minimise the amount of effort they invest in powertrain servicing and maximise the amount of riding them.

Electric bikes place special requirements on the drive train, which distinguish them from conventional bikes. In order to satisfy these needs and the needs of e-bike cyclists, Finish Line developed an e-bike-specific lubricant last year. The EcoTech Wheel Bicycle Greaser is a powerful, 100% effective cleaner that is completely secure for all parts.

It' tough enough for the dirtiest metallic parts, but secure enough to pick up parts with gum O-rings and gaskets, polyurethane elastomer and lacquered finishes. It is the genuine cleaning agent using organic peels that has been setting the standards since 1988. Vitrus Bike Chain Degreaser is formula with potent and naturally occurring lemon extract, so a bike drive is cleaned quicker and with less scrub.

The Speed Bike www. uses our patented drying de-greasing process. The Finish Line recently added a turbosyringe to its Speed Bike Degreaser?, which uses mechanically driven agitators to quickly eliminate impurities from the drive train. Shift? Shift Groupset Cleaner is another Finish Line innovation: a grease remover specifically developed for use with electronics groups.

Shift? Shift is a quick and safe way to keep your electronics group safe and tidy. Electric bikes place special requirements on the drive train, which distinguish them from conventional bikes. In order to satisfy these needs and the needs of e-bike cyclists, Finish Line developed an e-bike-specific lubricant last year. Electric bikes place special requirements on the drive train, which distinguish them from conventional bikes.

In order to satisfy these needs and the needs of e-bike cyclists, Finish Line developed an e-bike-specific cleaner last year. Designed with Teflon polymer, fluorine, advanced oxidation or corrosive agents and high pressures admixtures, Finish Line's iconic range of synthetics is designed to resist the most severe cycling environments.

Porcelain grease is Finish Line's most progressive lubricating system for bearings. Moulded with ceramics beads, Fluorpolymer additive and high quality non-toxic synthetics. "Use Super bike Wash to quickly and easily remove mud, loam, street debris, track floors, nutrient residue and snow depot debris from all bicycle surface areas.

The Wash? uses state-of-the-art, environmentally safe detergents that work together to provide a high-speed clean system. Electric bikes place special requirements on the drive train, which distinguish them from conventional bikes. In order to satisfy these needs and the needs of e-bike cyclists, Finish Line developed an e-bike-specific cleaner last year.

Dismantling of the bike chains is not necessary! Finish Line Pro has a 3 brushed rotary brushed and scrubbing disc pattern for quick and thorough use. Attaches to the necklace and in just 60 seconds your necklace is cleaned. The Finish Line gearing Floss is the ultimative detailed tools! Cleansing chains and gears has never been so quick and easy.

Rub the horse shoe bristle end of the string of The Grunge www. to sweep all four sides of the string. Replace the long hairs on the other end of the toothbrush to clear parts such as cranks, front and rear cranks, brake pads, and crawlers. Kit contains 5 different types of cleaning and removal tools to wipe off sludge, debris and street debris from the frames and parts of each bicycle.

Tubeless Finish Line's exclusive tyre sealant is totally free of rubber and therefore does not harden in the tyre. The Finish Line shock absorber lubricant is a high-quality slurry liquid specially developed for oil-damped bike fork applications. Designed specifically for bike brakes, Finish Line's DOT Dynamics is characterized by an uncompromising top chemical formula that ensures excellent fluid lifetime and stopping power.

The Finish Line Mechanic Grip Gloves? is engineered for long-term use and longevity, offering the ultimate level of gripping, protecting and skill. Re-usable glove that facilitates work on small, precise parts. The Finish Line range of hydraulic fluids has been specially developed for cycling braking applications that require the use of hydraulic fluids. Finish Line Absorb-It mat is the ideal solution to keep any work area tidy.

The Absorb-It mat was developed with a specific absorbent fibre technique and adsorbs and catches grease, detergents, degreasing agents, braking fluids and hydraulics oil. The Finish Line pedal and stud lubricant is sprayed on to completely and evenly cover all friction areas and is developed to guarantee quick intervention and gentle release every use. The lubrication of a necklace is an important but often feared job.

The No Drip Chains Luber allow every member to be correctly greased in a matter of seconds, without causing disorder or waste. But before you do without a broken crankpin, a rusty shiftkey, a stuck saddle support or your rusty necklace, give Chill Zone? a try.

Bicycle parts that normally need to be exchanged can be restored for another workday. Starter Set 1-2-3 offers you three of our most beloved products in one handy set. Utilize the new and enhanced Grunge brush and Multicycle degreaser to fully wipe your powertrain before you lubricate it with our most favorite lube, DRY Lube!

All you need to lubricate and keep your whole bicycle cleaned in one easy pack. You can use Multi Bike Degreasing, Superbike Wash? and DRY Tube to make your bicycle look and run like new. Basics of bicycle supply! The Pro Care bucket set contains six of the most important things you need to maintain your bicycle and safeguard your investments.

Keep your bikes cleaner and lubricated for longer, look great, drive smoothly and quickly! Complete cycle in a practical carrying / bearing cleaning tub! It' all you need for the complete maintenance of your cycle. There' s nothing more enjoyable than a new, cleaner, lubricated cycle - you`ll drive quicker, more smoothly and longer if you use the supplied parts to maintain yourycle.

All you need to know about the maintenance of your bicycle. These instructions contain hints and advice for everything from clean the chassis and lubricating a track to de-greasing a rear derailleur and lubricating your stakes. Have all the parts you need to make your Finish Line Pro track cleaner as good as new.

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