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It is an extremely talented and finished head and heel horse, and it has also been renegade by others. It was dragged as a heel horse to the local jackpots, but can snatch both ends. He's being dragged to some World Series ropings for sale. It is a finished head horse, proven winner, perfect jackpot rope horse, good for small to medium ropes. Ready heel horse, ranch horse deluxe.

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For more than a year and a half, Yazzie has been part of our programme and bears our name. We' ve burned veal on him, done all kinds of ranching, marked tonnes of ropes, grabbed the US banner, whatever. The Yazzie is a headed stallion with a pushing technique and is ideal for medium to low headers.

If we say he's for you, he's a breeze, he's calm in the pit, he walks to cows that are really shallow and slippery, and he'll never turn on you. They take good care of the livestock and will look ahead on request. Not too nervous about a whole bunch, Yazzie will drive around all morning with lightness.

Dragged to a few Jackpots, Yazzie is a moneymaker who stands out behind a World Series wall, but will also be there and point to demand. It is a very beautiful gelding on which we have spent a great deal of our precious attention.

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Receive an alarm with the latest heel horses in Alberta. He is 16 years old and a finished horses header and heel. The 18-year-old gelding Bay Aprox 16 Hände Finn is a header/heel steed which has also been tested on drums. It is not suitable for a rookie or a rookie.

She was used last year at the collegiate Rodo for renegade abseiling. She' s an outstanding tightrope man. Choose between ropes for the heel, the top or the bottom.... Well, we just got off the ground with the hellomatic on the heel.... Thirteen years old 15.1hh Completed roof head/rim race. Competing barrel/pillar stallion that runs in hockpots and high schools Rodeos.

Thirteen years old 15.1hh Finished rider riding head/rim horses, competing in drums and sticks at high schools riders and in jackpots. Easily ridden filly she is brief, but vigorous my 6 feet 195lb husbands she is riding, she is a cute little heel pony too small for the course. She' not a child filly... 15 year old filly, she is a great little heeler and will run a rather beautiful running routine to never run seriously, just play for pleasure, but she runs a beautiful routine and she is far.....

Madedy is a 12-year-old (2006) QH filly, who is characterized by Gymkhana....barrels, sticks, etc... She' s also a sturdy heel-feeder. Horses for riding down the scalp and heel in a group. Pallomino is a heelhog. They' pretty bankrupt, but they work with rodeos, so they' re not for rookies. A Lil Smartie (Candy) is a 5 year old heel mounted outfit.

She is a grandchild of Smart Little Lena, has the blood lines that have proved themselves in the working animal family.

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