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Blankets protect and protect against the weather, sun and pests. Cyberhorse[ Archive] - Cyberhorse Databases I' ve been purchasing Axiom carpets for the last few years. I just notice more and more new makes on ebay and wonder if anyone has tried it and how you found it? I have my axils holding me about 2 seasons of the year as a blanket, then I take them out (take out the filling) and use the outside bit as a shower-proof summer blanket while I buy new one.

They are still great, they are very similar to the Weatherbeeta geno guy, they even came in Weatherbeeta horse country box!

We' ve purchased the Yimar. It was not too impressive, considering that it was twice the Yimar that fit well and seems to be of really good qualitiy. Do you know others who have purchased Yimar too and they have been lasting 2 years and still go. I had different carpets from eBay.

All in all, I concur that Axiom plastics are great. Purchased a little polarfleece from another vendor and the neckbands were so a little painful to use on the other side. Her carpets were similar. Furthermore, I find all lightweight carpets that I import (stable & paddocks & show carpets) nowadays with far too much hardware.

Many of these carpets would be better fitting and fitting if the manufacturer used lightened clasps and belts and leg belts with the side clamps or lightened clamps. It began with a yeimar years ago and I got 3 distinct periods of the year - very impressive. and it wasn't watertight at all.

Now, I am inclined to buy axioms, but I would no longer buy their cotton - stuff that was removed from the hardware within a few day, and broken quicker. No weatherbeetas I haven't purchased in years. If these ebays are just as good, I can't vindicate the prize. When I buy from saddlery, I get Eurohunter or Zilco.

I' ve also purchased some caprioles, but they' re Australian, right? The carpets are medium, durable and reasonably watertight in warm conditions. I' m not looking for a really arid horse and I try not to boil, so the net works well, keeps my back clean, lets some fresh outdoors.

They' re a good match for my ponies, tearing a little too fast. The carpets themselves can be quite inexpensive, but the ball on the Porto is monstrous! That' s why I haven't tried many of the eBay rugs. Favourites are Zilco, Euroj├Ąger and Skye Parc.

I have never purchased carpets off eBay, but regardless of where they are purchased, I would want far more than just 2 years out of a winters blanket. I have never purchased carpets off eBay, but regardless of where they are purchased, I would want far more than just 2 years out of a winters blanket.

Now I know I know it's bad economics, but I've had horse rip rugs and rugs stolen adorned and aggressive with less than perfect swordplay. I' ve had 10 bright buca rugs in recent years, their seat has impressed as the front straps have. I' m buying WB and Zulco carpets.

In the last few years I've been buying carpets on eBay. In my opinion, the carpets of saddlery shops have worsened in terms of workmanship and do not seem to be very watertight. Usually I buy axioms, but for my minis the Yimars are a great addition. I' ve got several different (not all of us!), among the imposing is a Jimar useful, fitting snugly, 3 years later and all the ties and belts are still superb, fast and simple to put on, and still rains.

A little stiffer plank for a while, but once they adapt to the horse and become a little softer, they are good. Re-stitched the tailgates a few time because a mouthpiece plays tricks, but great carpets. But, frankly, this is for 3 ponies over a 10 year time span, and I have also sold some of them that still appeared "like new" at a reasonable cost.

They don't go through 20 cheap carpets. I like buca's lightweight carpets because they keep the horse overcast in the cold, but don't boil on a day when it's not even 16 degrees I have a Yimar from Ebay and had 3 summers with it.

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