First Horse for Sale

The first horse for sale

The purchase of a first horse is a big undertaking full of pitfalls. The horse and dog is a very popular source, and has a large number of horses for sale. At the moment there is a lot to sell, so there is no need to buy the first one you see. There are many quality horses for sale. Honesty and well-trained horses make us proud.

Horseracing AND Horseracing for sale

I have had Wreningham for 7 years. Been a gentleman to horseback riding all along. Go first or last. I' ve got other high class ex-racing ponies for sale at a reduced price. Supermodel with low mileage. He is a nice hacker and likes to peck himself out and jump well.

It likes the hunt, XXX C and general heel. The first and last. Ace' is a great horse rider, a great gentlemen. Great movers, would be easy to do training, needs a little more work on his gallop crossings and will be great in the Horse Show and Ralcross. For sale only as an owner/trainer/breeder with a reduced number.

Different qualities ex race horses for sale. It won the last Eventers Challenge and the arena made it. Dutch sport horse. 10 years old (2008) KWPN Bay Warmblood Mare. Very low running performance, slightly balanced 2015, 2 years due to a shortage of working hours, currently little effect on Hacking and easy training.

Partnering is very important to this filly and she works so well when she spends most of her free times doing it right. It would be suitable for a young horse or couple who want to thrive but don't want to run out. Unbelievably unhappy sale, but I can't take it any further.

Perfect first horse!

First horse! He has the most amazing temper and a golden horset! It' a pleasure to take care of the farm, Mr. Foot free, who is lucky as long as he is kept indoors! Preferably for box (trailer/truck), shoes, clips and car washes. Excellent manner in and out of the stable (no vices) and like to be in and out of the stable.

He' a very cheerful chafy one who always has his ear forward, is never moody and likes to get upset. He has mainly conducted equestrian association activity and chased with a newcomer whom he has supervised across all events.

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