Fjord Horse for Sale

The fjord horse for sale

Fjord-horses are relatively small, colourful and come from Norway, where they have been used as light draught horses for centuries. The group was founded to offer registered Norwegian fjord horses for sale. New Fjord gelding registered and Green Broke! A cheese-trail horse and a little jumping. We' ve broken horses to ride, drive and work in agriculture.


There are many fjord ponies for sale in Norway. Were you looking for a new fjord horse for your whole household? Although we do not have the right fjord horse for you we know that there is a fjord in Norway for you.... that is why we also invite others to sell theirs.

When you are like us, we know we don't want a horse to leap out of its hide in the least wind or flip over a pool of fresh air in which it could be drowning. A Norwegian fjord is a horse that will be soft, affectionate and serene.

Before you buy ANY horse, please research. Listing your fjord horse for sale. You are considering to sell YOUR fjord, but are not sure if the time is right? Sven Willows - White Dungian Fjord Stallion for sale! A foal with a beautiful fjord style & his charming movements & charming character.

But this sale has nothing to do with the horse - it is actually quite extraordinary - but a shift in living conditions that requires more of my spare minute and attentiveness. Maintained breeds are part of this sale. Each of our foal has a base education, such as lateral walk, load in trailers, calm stand for the veterinarian and hold the hoof blacksmith's toes.

If you are interested in practicing your next fjord right from the start, please do not hesitate to do so! Office Fjord Horse for sale..... Simple to use, beautiful to show. The horse's location: She' would be a great horse for an enthusiastic intermediary horse riding and driving to work and show with him. That' a very particular horse.

During the last 3 week I have had 6 guys call about my horse. You have fjord Norway ponies for sale? We and FJORD HORSE HISTING PAGE will publish your horse for free on our sales page. Also other fjord growers are welcome! We' re so proud of the fjord Norway horse and its astonishing variety that we can't believe that not everyone wants one or two of them.

Visit our Fjord For Sale page. There is always an additional horse for sale in the fjord town. Hopefully this "Fjord Horse For Sale" page will be used to the fullest: purchasers and vendors of fjord Norwayorses.

However, we do not assume any liability for the correctness of the above information - with the exclusion of our own ponies (if available). Back to the homepage of Fjordpferde for sale.

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