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FlowBoot offers support and protection for all activities of your horse. With these cooling leg covers for horses from Schneiders, you can help relieve pain, increase blood circulation and accelerate healing. FlowBoats FlowBoot offers assistance and shelter for all your horse's activity. If your stallion is breeded and coached for motorsport, or if he is a top rider in 3-day events, training, endurance or hunting, you can be sure that the FlowBoot offers the right level of cover and assistance and at the same time allows a healthy flow of life.

It is one of the greatest challanges during the workout to keep your youngster free of injury. The FlowBoot has a protection boots and a supporting cover that allows your horses to move and circulate naturally, allowing them to exercise and work like a real athlet. FlowBoot provides protection, support and full motion and circuit.

We' ve put FlowBoot to the test.

Most boots cause changes in movement due to either the size or size of the joints or both. You are speculating that the FlowBoot's carrying characteristics allow horses to carry more body mass on their extremities and move more easily.

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Horse information is alive here! The #1 Horse Industry Information Advertising Directory ! and Cold Compression Boot von Flowboot? "Stay In The Flow" mit FlowBoot? ! www.com has a unique theme that protects, supports and promotes FULL MOVEMENT and CIRCLE in ways never seen before! So many boots on the market, why was there a need for FlowBoot??

How is FlowBoot different from other products compared to this one-of-a-kind look? FlowBoot?'s open front panel designs provide a link to reduce strain on the comforter. It also has ribs that match the palm's natural venous patterns and form bridging zones to ensure good perfusion.

The dense cover in combination with the flexible plastic padding provides the restraint with stability and impact-guard. Bondage is the biggest cause of deadly muscle-skeletal injury in beloved races and can at least cause equine users to suffer downtime, emotive pains and wretched horses.

FlowBoot doesn't make me worried that my horses get sandy to aggravation! At FlowBoot? no sands come in. You can do this by slightly compressing the foot lather for a snug fitting. This compress strengthens the impact shield and dampens the ankle.

The whole emphasis of the horseman, the turn and the horseman is put with immense power on the restraint. There is no need to contact FlowBoot?! So why not use FlowBoot to help with FlowBoot?? Frequently and oftentimes, folks shop in to give more assistance for a horse that comes off an injury, or are just not satisfied with what is out there in the way of shelter.

Is it possible for my FlowBoot to become a Commpression Wallpaper? With only $159.99 per pack, our boots provide excellent cryocompression treatment, soak it in icy or freezing it and then wrapping it tight with Lycra Spandex wrapping. Same coldness with compress is very efficient after training.

Refrigeration compressive treatment is often used to minimise injuries or operations and to help horses recover more quickly during rehab. Please note: If a horse suffers an infection, there is always a danger of inflammations and damages to the tissues. Investigations show that the use of cryotherapy can reduce convalescence by up to 50%.

How can it help my equine health? Coldness with compressive force is very efficient after training and is often used to minimise injuries or operations and help horses recover more quickly during recovery. There is always a danger of inflammations and tissues being damaged when a horse suffers an accident.

Investigations show that the use of cryotherapy can reduce convalescence by up to 50%. There are so many problems, most of which are not efficient, complex, expensive und time-consuming. www.com has developed a great way to make refrigeration compressing easier, more efficient and easier to use.

You can walk or strip the horses and the boots do not slide and do not need to be readjusted. It is made of a flexible plastic in which the ceilings are embedded. It is used to keep the rigid frost that can cause "cryoburn" away from the tissues, it compresses, which makes the treatment much more efficient, it evenly disperses the compressive force and keeps moisture that directs or transmits the coldness, whereby the most conducting component on the surface is in fact moisture.

The FlowBoot's s? approach is so simple to use that it can be part of a regular post-training session or used in front of the hands to relieve pains in horses with problems. Soften boots in plenty of liquid, then put them in a bag, freezing, thawing and wrapping them for 20 to 30 mins. It' cooling down and nothing makes a steed better than coldness, smoothness and thighs.

How do equestrians rate FlowBoots?? When I found FlowBoot, I had been looking for a good, sturdy boots for my horses for a while. They' re great and a perfect match for my horses. The new boots my stallion is in love with and they keep him secure. Keep "in flux" with FlowBoots? and our Cold Compression Boots!

All of us are paying for the wellbeing of our horses in one way or another. When you can defend your stallion like never before without hindering his movements or blood flow, wouldn't you want that? The best cash you will ever spent to never know the hurt that comes when your saddle has an avoidable wound.

Find out why equestrians, coaches and the service industry turn to FlowBoot? and call us today!

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