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For foals from birth, for indoor and outdoor use. A unique innovative adjustment system allows the carpet to grow with your foal. Amalgos Foal Carpet TO in stock and ready for dispatch. A special foal carpet for newborn foals. It has an adjustable Velcro fastener at the front so that it is suitable for different foal sizes.

This Amigo foal carpet is designed for use indoors and outdoors from foal born.

Suited for colts from foal crop for indoors and out. Full length adjustable carpet size: 600D water resistant and breathe. Shaped abdominal bow and mouth, close fitting to keep the foal close andry. Suited for colts from foalhood. The carpet can be extended by 15 cm (6") with a special system that allows the carpet to be grown with your foal.

Fitting your carpet is essential to keep your dog comfortable and to avoid friction and carpet-slip. Since the same level of the withers is available in different forms and dimensions, it makes sense to take certain measures of your animal. If you have the measure, take away 10cm (4inches) and select the sizing of your animal from the chart.

Remember that every mare is different and that this chart is only a guideline. There are many different designs for all forms and dimensions. Breathability - Allows perspiration to evaporate and keeps your horses dehydrated and comfy. Water resistant - Keeps your horses outdoors. Water resistant to 3000mm.

amigo foal carpet - Horseware Ireland

The carpet grows with your foal thanks to a uniquely advanced adjusting system. The contours of the abdominal bow and the mouth ensure a good foal and keep the foal hot. Customer and customized designs usually have longer delivery time. Installing your ceiling: Take a measurement with a smooth scale from the centre of the breast over the point of the shoulders and end at the centre of the cock.

These measurements should be inches. If you have this measure, take off 4 inch and this is the ceiling of your animal. All horses have a different form, so remember that they can go up or down depending on the fitting and cutting of the mantle.

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