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Horse Lovers Winter Vacation

Of course, the holiday of every horse sportsman is connected with a horse. When you want to leave this winters, you should consider whether you don't want to stay nearer to home. There''s so much to see and do in Canada and the USA, whether your holiday is plunging through the sun or absorbing the sun, a relaxing place to relax or an adventurous holiday full of activities, you're sure to enjoy one of these horseback vacations.

The Auberge d'Andromède, a cosy four-bedroom guesthouse run by Gina Hallée and Gilles Leclerc, is situated 105 km southwards of Quebec City in the Quebec Apalach area, offering a unique holiday full of snow, tasty cuisine, a cosy and inviting ambience and of course a horse. Every day, even in the cold season, there are two- to four-hour horseback tours on paths that wind through the scenic surroundings, and the possibility of trotting and galloping is available for those whose horse back skills are appropriate.

This chain consists of Quarter Horse, Appaloosas and Canadians, all of whom are qualified for British and West European horseback rides and are able to master the snow-covered area. Even non-riders can have fun on a horse sledge trip on the snow-covered paths around the hostel.

It is up to the guest to sit back and enjoy the tour or to learn to ski with a qualified horse trainer. In addition to horse back and sledging, Andromède has a wide range of open-air summer sports, which include cross-country and snowshoe trekking on the vast trails, and dogsledding outside.

Frontenac National Park, close by, is a species that will thrill lovers of the outdoors all year round. Following the outings, our visitors can enjoy a cold sauna, a steam bath in the jacuzzi and a steam bath with a steam bath.

Using the Learn-to-Cook-Duck Pack, which contains two two-hour cookery courses, two overnight stays, two tasty dinner with different ducks and two breakfasts, our customers can discover its flavours. Brush Creek Ranch has grown from a functioning beef farm into a luxury resortc.

Covering 15,000 hectares, the Ranch's 15,000 hectares of snow packs offer a balanced mix of outdoors adventure with lovely accommodation at lodges, culinary delights, and generous spas for an energizing and energizing at the same time. The most remarkable is the Brush Creek horseback ride programme. With a one-to-five ward to ward and a varied range of quarter horses and paints, Brush Creek can house horsemen of all abilities.

Horseriding is tailor-made for guests' skills, and experienced horsemen have the chance to participate in a variety of exciting events such as beef cutting, barrels races, raping and even bull ridings, which are also available during the winters thanks to Brush Creek's largedoors. Visitors can discover the untouched snowy countryside and walk kilometres of prepared paths on ranches, cross-country ski, snowshoe or snowmobiles while looking for elks, mooses and other game.

You can hunt buffaloes, lions, deer, elks, antelopes and elks as well as ice-fishing and work on the outback. Near the chalet there are prepared toboggan runs available for you. The Brush Creek Ranch also features a full-service spas offering spas and lounge facilities, Turkish bath and saunas, open-air whirlpool, and Yogic class.

Accommodations take the shape of lodges or lodges, both of which are happily decorated to give an original "Old West" feeling, and the dinning room meal is a delightfully clad variation of our old farmer cuisine. www.broadleafranch. Com situated on 1100 acre in Albert County, New Brunswick, on the lovely Bay of Fundy, Broadleaf Guest Ranch was once a runown, 400-acre farmy.

The extended farm, acquired by Joyce and Vernon Hudson in 1953, is still owned by Hudson and run by Joyce and Vernon's subsidiaries Wendy and Kathy. The Broadleaf Guest ranch offers sledge trips throughout the whole season, which are replaced by carriage trips in case of lack of sledge. Picture taken by kind permission of Broadleaf Guest ranch.

The Broadleaf Ranch is open all year round and becomes a natural play area during the cold season. Passing through the estate, the Trans Canada Trail is the ideal place for cross-country ski, snowshoe trekking and snowmobile riding. There is no facilities available at Broadleaf for these events, so visitors wishing to participate must bring their own facilities.

If the temperature is below zero, visitors bringing their own ice rinks can use the two iced pools of the farm. You can curl outside the complex. Horse backpacking is primarily for beginners, although all tours are only permitted in marked areas and on longer outings.

The hikes last up to two hrs throughout the whole year. Every visitor is mated with one of Broadleaf's 20 seasonal ponies (the farm rents another 15 ponies in addition in summer in order to accomodate a greater number of guests). They are a range of drawcrosses, appaloosas and colours, blended with a few quarter horse.

There are also toboggan runs with a Rigg pulled by two Belgium stallions, Prince and Kim. In case of too little snows, the sledge is replaced by a horse-drawn carriage. There is a happy bonfire, sweet Marshmallow and warm candy waiting for the return sledgemen. You will be accommodated in Broadleaf's Cottage, in one of the three cottages or in a dorm room, and the Ranch Kitchen Restaurant is equally appreciated by local people and people.

Broadleaf also offers one-of-a-kind company recreations with Equine Assistant Learning and/or adventure barn times at the ranch (an indoors cliff face and a challenging course) in parallel to running a customer canteen. Close by are the Hopewell Rocks Provincial Park, Mary's Point Wetlands and Fundy National Park, offering visitors the full range of New Brunswick's pristine scenery.

The original edition of this paper was published in the December 2012 edition of the CHJ. Principal product photo by kind permission of L'Auberge d'Andromède - Ride this season on a horse-drawn sledge through the snows at L'Auberge d'Andromède in Courcelles, Quebec!

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