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Foundation Quarter Horse was the original great American ranch horse. It' a story about Foundation Quarter Horse, Old Sorrel. You can find the Quarter Horses Foundation for sale, whose pedigrees can be traced back to the original sires and mothers who started breeding. Quarter Horse Foundation shows and promotes the qualities of the "old style" Quarter Horse. The Ohio Foundation Quarter Horse Association, Zanesville, Ohio.

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In 1940, as the photographs show, when AQHA was founded, all Foundation Quarter horses were of a certain kind generally known as the "Bulldog". At the beginning, the halters, the cow and the amusement horse all appeared the same and showed the same race-features. Not only did they look the same, they did it - there were no special ponies.

These were sturdy, strong, compact ponies with a great work ethic and the capacity to do many different tasks. Beautifully as her sporting skills were magnificent, her most important feature was the unbelievable and legendary arrangement, which made her so multi-task. She made this variety inestimable for her owner, who needed a "driving" horse.

The National Foundation Quarter Horse Association was established in 1995 to recognise, certify and maintain the Bulldog Foundation Quarter Horse.

Quarter Horse Association Profit Foundation

Foundation Quarter Horse was the great old US ranch horse. AQHA was founded in 1940 by Bob Denhardt.... "We were looking for the likes of Little Joe and Joe Moore, Ballymooney and Red Dog, Guinea Pig and Possum, Zantanon and King, Jack McCue and Bullet. Describe your Quarter Horse?

Well, if so, welcome to the Foundation Quarter Horse Association. When you can live up to our high expectations, you have a horse you can rightly be proud of. When your horse decides to participate, we will send you a subscription and enrollment form by e-mail within 72h. Don't forgetting that we can calculate percentages for you for the horse you want to buy, the stallion you want to breed to, etc.

It is best if you are sure BEFORE you are spending your funds on another horse or another breeding-fees. Get a Foundation Quarter Horse Quarter Horse Parcentage Calculation below....

Calculate Your Horses Foundation Quarter Horse Proportion by Foundation

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It is a straightforward procedure of the Foundation Quarter School. It' quite straightforward for everyone to decide the proportion of their own horse. This system is built on a unique design - whole-breed, which is included in a family tree for equine breed recorded at AQHA in 1941 or later.

To calculate the basic horse weight, every horse that is AQHA certified and was bred in 1940 or earlier is 100% Foundation Quarter Horse. I reiterate: All registrated America Quarter Horse bred in 1940 or earlier are 100% Foundation. All" unknown" or recorded thoroughbred foals of other races that appear in an AQHA listed Quarters pedigree are regarded as 100% Foundation.

Our 100% basic equipment also covers old NQHBA-phorses, which we seldom meet. When a thoroughbred shows up in your horse's bloodline, the foal date of the thoroughbred does not play a role. When he turns up as the father or mother of a listed Quarter Horse, either 1941 or later, this thoroughbred will reduce the Foundationâ??s percentages.

A horse with an award-winning horse number, which was bred in 1941 or later and also has a thoroughbred pedigree, can therefore only consist of a max. of 50% pedigree-breed. Every designated thoroughbred that appears as the father or mother of an aspirated horse entered in 1941 or later is considered as TB and deducted from the quarter horse's heyday.

In order to compute any quarter horseâ??s percent of the foundationâ?? heirloom, you would move backwards in your family tree until you come to a listed quarter horse that was born in 1940 or earlier (100% foundation) or a thoroughbred (0% foundation). King, P-234, born 1932, is King Fritzâ??s grandfather on top.

Eight years before the founding of AQHAâ??s, King was sponsored, making King the 100% founding of Quarter Horse. The Cricket McCue, #9262 is by Barney McCue, #4891, born 1940; and from Fanny McCue, #2458, born 1939. As both Cricket McCueâ??s are a father and mother of American Quarter Horses born in 1940, they are both 100% Foundation, therefore Cricket McCue is also 100% Foundation.

The Poco Bueno is known as a 100% foundation horse. The sire of King P-234 (foal crop 1932) and Miss Taylor (foal crop 1933). Usually the 1940s or earlier rules come back into the game. She is by Pretty Boy, born in 1928, which makes her 100% and Mary Jane W is out of an "unregistered" Waggoner filly, which is also 100% numbered.

That makes Mary Jane W a 100% foundation. In order to complete the computation, sum up all percentage of your grand parents (400% would be the grand total), then split by 4 (for the number of grandparents) and it is not surprising that you end up with a 100% foundation number for King Fritz. In order to demonstrate this, we can use Doc Barâ??s family tree, below.

Broodmare Doc Barâ??s Paternal Grandsire - Three Bar (TB), a licensed thoroughbred, is obviously not a Foundation Quarter Horse, and so Three Barsâ? ? is a zero percent of the Foundation Quarter Horse. It does not contribute anything to the foundation share of a Quarter Horse. In order to reinforce this fact, Three Bar was born in the same year that AQHA was founded -1940.

That means that no horse that goes back to Three Bar (TB) can ever be 100% Quarter Horse, since all his offspring were bred after the crucial date of 1940. A few well-known descendants of Three Bar are impressives (intensively bred with Three Bars), doc bar and sugarbar. DQHA Barâ??s Paternal Granddam - Della P, Della P, #6805, was founded in 1934, long before the 1940 deadline, so she is a 100% founder.

Brooklyn Barâ??s Matternal Grandsire - Texas Dandy, 2112 AD, was born in 1942, so another post-1940 cadre is not here, nor is there a thoroughbred. It has been approved by My Texas Dandy, #4900 and its mother is Streak, #612-QHA. His father and mother, My Texas Dandy (1928) and Streak (1931) are both 100% owned and owned by AQH.

Brooklyn Barâ??s Maternal Granddam - AQHA #3033, Marcel Maid F was born in 1943. That means that the parent and father must keep up the foundation calculations, as was the case with Texas Dandy. The Maid F is from Bartender II, #3313 and from Nelly Bly,#3032. Bartender II (1937) and Nelly Bly (1939) are both 100% owned and owned companies, both of which were founded in 1940 or earlier.

Now, you should use Doc Barâ??s ?s to get Now, you should use Doc Barâ??s s to get a percentile for the creation: Threebars = 0%, Della P = 100%, Texas Dandy = 100%, Bar Maid F = 100%, so a whole 300% basic-breed between the 4 cats. Split the 300% overall by 4 to get to a â??averageâ of 75%, that is Doc Barâ??s Foundation Quarter Horse percent.

Since you know Doc Barâ??s Quarter Horse Foundation' percent (75%), you can put this number in any family tree in which it will appear and continue from there. You can use the above described easy method again and again in a family tree until you have reached the definitive basic rate for a particular horse.

This example uses the Impressive horse, an americam Quarter Horse stallion: Impressive's father Lucky Bar (TB) is a licensed thoroughbred offspring of Three Bars (TB) and thus obviously 0% founder of Quarter Horse. The Glamour Bars, a Lightning Bar girl and a half-sister of Doc Bar, has already had her father computed.

Next horse to be calculated is Glamour Bars ..... Tonkawa Bar, a 1957 bay filly, her father is Sweet Bar (Three Bar (TB) x Frontera Sweet #5731 (1943). Frontéteraugar is by Rey, #5727 (foal crop 1939) and out of an non-registered "Dun Mara by Ben Hur".

According to the rule of computation, this makes Frontera Sugar 100% foundation Quarter Horse, and when it was crossbred to Three Bar (TB), it manufactured the 50% foundation American Quarter Horse, Sugar Beers. She is sired by Leo (born 1940) and her mother is the old appendicitis filly (unregistered) Black Dahlia Bucket. These buckets give baby a body of 100% primer.

You candy canes at 50% and bucket baby at 100%, which is 150% of the basis for both. Split by 2 and you'll get 75% baseblood. It takes us back to the foundation calculations for Impressiveâ??s dam, Glamour Bars. 5 percent as a founding share of glamour bars.

Next, insert the foundation share of Impressiveâ??s Father Lucky Bar (TB), which is zero, to his mother Glamour Barâ??s, foundation share, which is 62.5%. 25 percent quarter horse purebred in the Quarter Horse Stud, impressive. He is full-blooded for a full 68. In the following table you will find a percentile for early and/or known ponies to help you calculate the foundation share of your ponies.

Percentage for Foundation registrations 1 - 5000. All of the below mentioned mounts are 50% Foundation Quarter Horse. The other numbers 1-5000 are 100% Foundation.

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