Free Horse Riding

Horse Riding

Are you loving riding horses, but hate to pay so much to go, here are some ideas to find free riding. You can download the perfect riding pictures. Horse Riding Free Rein Guest Ranch Because of the private area of our farm here at Free Rein with a max. of 12 people, we can assure you that you will not experience ten horses in a row when riding with us. This is where our way of thinking means that your horse has the opportunity to touch.

We encourage all our visitors to capture, care, sadd, paddle, and prim their own horse during their stay with us. We have small riding groups that are specially designed to suit your personal daily schedules. We' re really giving you a free hand to choose how you want to enjoy your stay with us, so whether you are a total beginner or want to amaze us with your skills in dealing with the horse, we have the horse and the horseback riding to excite you.

Dare all afternoon to distant locations with lunches in your saddlebags and explore the secluded and breathtaking scenery along the way. Drive high up to enjoy the spectacular views and panoramic views of the farm, look for grazing cows or just fall back on the farm and enhance your riding abilities by participating in riding courses and riding classes with special instructions when you need them.

Descend and bind your horse to bathe in a remote pond, picknick on the shore, choose your seat and take a nap in the shadow of a forest or just step back, tip your cowboy cap and contemplate the natural world. We' ve got ten thousand hectares of pasture to discover for you, so get your saddlebags packed and get yourself prepared for adventures.

They are more than welcome to participate in all of our riding adventure activities, provided they can clearly show the abilities, controls and maturation needed for safe riding. We are ready to look after and educate kids who are not able to take part in the more adventure riding with their families, either in the security of our arenas or on the paths around the farm, thereby increasing both their abilities and their self-confidence.

Experiences are the best lessons in our books and we will go, teach and guide them as they are learning the rope. Protective hats and personal protection for your kids are also provided for your additional security. No matter what your experiences so far in the Saddles, we have a wide range of riding tours to suit all riding abilities, and your kids will certainly not fail to share the full riding experiences here at Free Rein.

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