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When you ride or own horses, you will be interested in our guide for free material for horse lovers. Riding e-cards and free gift ideas included. Updated this page with links to free material for your horse or barn.

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Connect with tens of millions of people who are now clearing out their collection of showwear and outfits! In order to get a FREE kits we just need to ask a few simple question and you are on your way to payment. As soon as you have received your bags and instruction by post, please review the policy thoroughly.

so make sure you get what you're sending us: As soon as you have filled your case, simply return it to any USPS site and we will e-mail you a verification as soon as we collect it from our safe shipping area.

Complimentary horse material! Contests and more

Don't you like free horses? It is my pleasure to organise "competitions" where you can get awards like a book, a horse movie or a match. All our contests are on-line, so you don't have to have a horse. We' ve had many happy victors for a Horse Paradise start package...a great new horse-play!

The winner will be informed by the match. Congratulations to Skylar on earning a Pony Xpress Club subscription...and congratulations to Ananda, our top runner-up! Congratulations to Lynn who won a Betty's Strip Hair Grooming kit for her contribution -- Pyro the Scarecrow - to our 2017 Horse Halloween Costume Contest!

Congratulations to Janine for entering these beautiful knee highs in our 2017 Horse Halloween Costume Competition - Safari Fun! This breathtaking jodhpurs won Drea for her contribution - Zombie Super Heroes Gone Bad - in our 2017 Horse Halloween costume competition. Shelly from Texas and Jesse from Indiana are the winner of our Rows of Throws competition!

Our 2016 Halloween Horse Costume Competition wins: Happy birthday to Justin, Skylar and another winning player who wants to stay anonym. Our Horse Quest Online competition wins: Thanks to Dineth and Maya from Horse Quest Online and happy birthday to the drivers! Troxel Helm's rebel badge givingaway is the best....

You' re fantastic! Our Horse Halloween Costume Contest 2015 wins "Catch of the Daily! "Many thanks to Troxel helmets for the donation of the great price - a Troxel all-purpose Liberty Helm! Troxel ES Diamond Troxel Champion is Lindsay from Florida. Happy birthday to Elyssa from California, who has won a copy of the fantastic Fantasy Stables horse-play!

Wisconsin USA's Morgan S is the Heartland Books line of winners. Arizona's Megan is the author of the Chase novel by Sydney Scrogham. Unfortunately her horse died a few weeks after the race, but we are so glad that he went out with a lot of class - and as a champion!

Our contest is over and we will notify the contestants via email: Happy birthday to Grace from California who has won fantastic delicacies and a horse-play! In the Halloween costume contest 2013 our first place was: First place in our Halloween Horse Costume Contest 2012 went to Jessi and Dexter!

French Marina has won a wonderful Horse White character! From Missouri, USA, Erin won a copy of The Girl Who Remembered Horses. Australian Taylor won the first Horse Diaries album. Justin Morgan Had a Horse. Those who won this year' s tournament were: Although this year' Halloween Horse Dress Campaign is over, you're still welcome to post your Halloween horse suit designs and pictures for sharing!

Madison took first place in this competition: The second place goes to Anna: Hold Your Horse You're Invited! Now! It'?s our winning team for this contest: Register for our free e-mail newsletter and we will inform you as soon as new contests start.

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