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Horses for sale free of charge

You will find horses and ponies that are offered free of charge to a good home. Owners of these animals want to give their horses away for free. Pensioned police horses Find your new horse or pony in our sales ads. It' for FREE horses who need a home! Everyone can place a photo ad for free.

Free-of-charge horses adoption

Would you like to have a free animal adopted? Have a look at the offers below to find your agreement and then get in touch with the owners to work out an option! Or, if you have a gift for your own use, enter it here free of charge. They must carry out any necessary, appropriate, careful or reasonable examination, research and due diligence with regard to any inventory drawn up by the users.

Horses available

The site is for everyone around the globe to give a shot at connecting with those who would like to have a stable..... When you give up your stallion, please be accountable and considerate, treaties and follow-ups will keep him safe, please state what the stallion is, ages, skills, condition he is in, health problems, victimles?

When your looking to give a Horse a home friendly state you are living in, what kind of horse you want, what you want to do with it, and anything you maybe loo...king for in a Horse, like novice safes, not pushers, back riding, companions....remember a Horse is a monetary commitment and not entering this easily, horses costs money as intelligently if you can't afford to take an interest in it don't!

Once you get or find a home for equine, please clear your pole. There is no need to send us a personal comment that you can write yourself!

New England Equine Rescue - New England Equine Rescue

That is no place for horses for sale. For further information please directly ask the owner. I would like to take up my two daughters again. There she was educated in training in dressage, westernriding and German. She' good for a beginner pony. She' s ruled by the throat, she' s riding back west or naked.

Movement is good for him and he is beautiful - not creepy. Had gunshots, made fangs, currently boots on the front. In the hope of finding a home with some equine skills. After all, a young and skilled horseman with a great deal of perseverance in teaching an old man new moves could work.

U.D.T. on all kicks, worm cures and her legs are pruned every 6week. Shod, had just made his teeths in mid-March 2018, currently about gears, gunfire and worm-repair. NO lessonhorses. For more information please call Chrysty at 508-745-9545. A good young man with a lot of character, he is loved by everyone, especially other horses and especially broodmares.

At the moment he is a accompanying pony. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to send an email to Annette at Unfortunately, we do not have the place for him to participate in our equestrian programme, otherwise it would be an easier choice to send him there! A curious guy with a pup character, he would stand out with kids or grown-ups in floor work and equestrianism.

It is a good baby-sitter and a good partner for other horses and livestock. UVD on all gunshots & Coggins, worm cures, teeths and legs. For two years I have been looking after and putting up a flock of horses from a farms.

Of the older broodmares I'd like to keep together, Amanda and Eva. An 11-year-old gray filly, Amanda, ASPC, is 23 years old. But I don't think she should. I' ve put a paddle on her and she has nothing against it, so she may easily be used for riding ponies.

Both of these broodmares have joined and look for each other when the other has been out of view for a while. And Amanda gets along with everyone. Eve can protect the feed from other horses. Suddenly she gets up her ass and steps if another non-Amanda or some other favourite comes to the back and is too near her face when she eats.

Neither girl has a Coggins and both need to be informed about her inoculations. For more information, please email Amy at The Trigger and Frasier are Quarters horses Wallache. Riding in both German and West German, he has not been rode for several years and would therefore have to be revised.

Is a chestnut, 16-handed Frasier trainer who travels in both French and American. He' s got shaphoid, but it hasn't advanced in the seven years I've had this one. I' ll give him a light riding because of the beam tube, which makes him a good novice for a kid. They both stayed on the premises and have no contacts with other horses, so I didn't do a loggins test, they had it a year ago when they got on board and they were well.

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