Free Horses in Colorado

Horses available in Colorado

Watch the upcoming events, and Colorado Horse Rescue's Mane Event Benefit: our annual horse fundraiser. Locate horses for adoption in Colorado. Many horses need to find a good home to be adopted or saved. The gift of adoption.

Riding Horses - Colorado Horse Rescue

Certain horses have a state of mind that limits their movement and rideability and may need specific medications, lifestyles or vet attention. Clementine is a nice little girl who' s willing for her next adventures! Having received some much needed TLCs, Clementine has become a kind and wise filly full of trials.

Her start is under horseback and she will make fast headway in her training. Are you looking for a young, solid and intelligent equestrian companion, you have come to the right place! After a severe sinew wound while working as an abseiling pony, Cowgirl was almost sent to an auctions. At the moment Cowgirl is conducting an aggressively planned therapy to get better under the horse and she has again resumed wearing a horseman.

Although she can sometimes be reserved, she blossoms into an enthusiastic horse companion who enthusiastically encounters every barrier. At the moment Cowgirl is looking for an experienced and tolerant horseman for easy work (Walk/Trot, easy stadium and shallow trail).

Such a cute little girl won't be here long, so apply today! The gamer has an old thread on his right front paw, which makes the coat dry, but it has no effect on his health or drivability. It shows what a real jewel gamer really is.

When you are looking for a rider who can ride in the lower stadium and on the trailer, then Gamer is the right one! Such a beautiful steed won't be here long, look at him today! Big, brave and full of energy, this beautiful fellow will make someone a truly unbelievable companion for horses.

Though we haven't yet completed his assessment procedure, Gus always shows that he is a clever horse, able to do any job with the right cavalry. Being Morgan/Quarter Horse Cruz, this type has the best of both worlds. It' the best of both worlds. What? It shows both the soft, willing character of the Quarter Horse and the athletically higher power of the Morgan!

It is the most powerful package of a stallion that is best suitable for a man who is willing to put his money into promoting the training of this great man. Zelda is a kind spirit who has lived most of her lives in the indoor and on the track. It connects well with other horses and loves people.

With a new range of therapeutical footwear she has improved the sounds for easy ride and work in the arenas. It is best for an advanced horseman who knows how to work with attentive horses. He is a smooth, delicate, future-oriented mare that can and will make you an unbelievable accompanist and possible mate!

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