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Available horses in Ct

Auction and slaughter torture at source eliminated! Just free horses to good houses or free leases. Unless otherwise stated, all horses are for sale with leasing option. Lease is a wonderful opportunity to give you more time in the saddle and to give you time to sharpen your riding skills.

Horses available - Another farmhouse

Unless otherwise stated, all horses are for hire with leasing options. 17.2h warm-blooded filly. A big step, very brave knight. A very sporty and sincere show jumping horse, smooth in bridles. A 7 year old 13.1h brown fringe Gelding. Eye-catching, was initially a floating bangs and is currently starting a careers under the horse.

Becomes a good kids toddler with a few mile more. Big brown bangs gooseberry. A very sporty bangs is the complete pack for someone looking for a bangskipper. A small steel-grey bangs horse. Big deerskin and bangs-jack. It is one of our best riding trips in our teaching programme.

16-year-old 16-year-old bay horse Gelding. A very sturdy stallion used in our programme to train novices to gait, go trotting and gallop. Trustworthy diver. Bay Quarter Horses Wallach. Thirteen-year-old big deerskin ipony. 12-year-old 15.2h Irish Sport Horses mover.

Selling and renting horses

Renting - why? If you rent a stallion, you can go riding extra day in the week, improve your abilities, practise for your classes or exhibitions, connect with your stallion and find out more about grooming without all the cost of ownership! At the moment several horses and Ponys are available for full or half rent.

Rent for a certain period of the year or go from one month to the next! A lot of horses can be rented for free - the tenant has to pay for food and maintenance. Included in the rental price: There is a choice of horses and Ponys for rent or for half rent for horsemen of all performance classes. A few of them show horses of good qualities that are available for medium to experienced horsemen who are not shown on this page.

Contacting Kristen for Consignments, Unique sales horticultural managment programme, which enhances the well-being of horses, property managers and purchasers. We are constantly updating our range of horses for resale, so you won't find what you are looking for, we will help you find your equine mate.

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